Eurovision 2022 | Who will win Eurovision 2022?

all eyes on Turin (Italy), where 66th edition Eurovisionis a competition followed by more than 200 million people worldwide. The Italian city will dress up to welcome guests. 40 countries to participate in this competition, which will serve to want this year to end as well. war in ukraine. With an undoubted political background, this country is a favorite of all punters and many are starting to assume that Crystal Microphone will be the winner.

This year, for the first time in many, Spain resounds among the favourites, with the song ‘SloMo’. channel to Turin. This has not happened for more than twenty years: so much so that the ranking places the singer in the top five.

Chanel, Spain representative for Eurovision 2022. EUROVISION

‘Top 10’ bets at Eurovision 2022

This betting shops They are burning because there is less left to know the winner of the competition. According to Eurovision World data, Ukraine starts out as a public favourite, with a 43% chance of winning thanks to its theme.stephanie‘, a tribute to the mothers of the country who sacrificed everything for their children.

Host Italy follows them closely. Mahmud and Blanco will try to repeat Maneskin’s success with ‘.brivid‘ is a romantic ballad with a 14% chance of winning a European music contest, according to previous estimates. Bronze medal will go Cornelia Jacobs with Swedish representative ‘Hold me closer’There is an 11% chance to rank third on the podium. England follows closely in the top three. And here, Chanel, the representative of Spain, who is in fifth place with a probability of 4%, will come. Although it may seem small, it is a fact that should be taken into account: Italian rock band Maneskin also had this percentage and eventually won the 65th Eurovision with their song ‘Zittie e buoni’.

  1. Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra – ‘Stefania’ (43%).
  2. Italy: Mahmood & White – ‘Bravidi’ (14%).
  3. Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs – ‘Hold Me Closer’ (11%).
  4. United Kingdom: Sam Ryder – ‘Spaceman’ (6%).
  5. Spain: Chanel – ‘SloMo’ (4%).
  6. Greece: Amanda Tenfjord – ‘Die Together’ (3%).
  7. Poland: Ochman – ‘River’ (2%).
  8. Norway: Subwoolfer – ‘Give That Wolf a Banana’ (2%).
  9. Netherlands: S10 – ‘De Diepte’ (1%).
  10. France: Alvan & Ahez – ‘Fulenn’ (1%).

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