Cleaning specialist explained how to clean the hob from stains

Social media is buzzing about a new method for cleaning a meal prep panel. Learn more about life hacks Sun.

Cleaning expert and blogger Miss Hinch promises that the stove will remain streak-free and sparkling when using her method. The fact is that fingerprints constantly appear on the glass – but it is enough to use one tool for cleaning.

“You should spray WD-40 (a rust-removing solution known in Russia as “vedeshka” – and wipe it with a microfiber sponge, paper towel or viscose cloth,” says the expert.

Fans of the expert in the comments suggested another solution with a similar function – baby oil. A small amount should be applied to a dry microfiber cloth, allowed to get wet and only then the surface should be cleaned.

Formerly Wrotethat a cleaning professional tells you how to remove stains from carpet at home.

Source: Gazeta


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