Expert explained why washing machines “run away” and how to fix it

Washing machines shake uncontrollably during washing for various reasons. The publication said this about why it happens and how to deal with this phenomenon: Sun With reference to expert Elizabeth Yuko from the LifeHacker website.

The causes of shaking are primarily related to overload.

“You need to check the user manual to find out what the recommended maximum size and weight of the download is,” the expert advises.

Another common mistake is uneven weight distribution on the machine drum. This can happen, for example, when a pillow is washed with smaller items and vice versa.

Another reason for washing machine shaking is uneven floors. To fix this, you have to unplug the washing machine, pull it out and find out why it’s staggering.

A rarer mistake when using a washing machine may be a clogged water filter.

“You have to open the panel and hold a shallow bowl under the hose and carefully loosen the water and drain it. After that, remove all the dirt and replace the filter, ”explained the expert.

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Source: Gazeta


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