Today is Star Wars Day, do you know why it’s celebrated on May 4?

As every year, May 4 takes place on star Wars Day, most world star wars day. Created by George Lucas, the most popular series in film history, millions of fans of the saga celebrate parades and mass gatherings around the world. However… Do you know why today is Star Wars Day?

origins popular party they have nothing to do with galactic matters and yet they are quite mundane. Actually, Star wars day It originated from a publication in the London Evening News on May 4, 1979.

It was a press release. UK Conservative Party members congratulate Margaret Thatcher on her new position as the country’s prime minister. May the 4 be with you, Maggie. Congratulations”said this text that led to a Play with words because of the similarity of the phrase ‘May the force be with you’ (“May the Force be with you”), the Jedi’s salute and symbolic expression in the saga.

However, this celebration, based on the date of the word game in question, did not become popular until many years later. Underground Cinema in Toronto in 2011 (Canada) held a film festival on this day, along with a costume contest with celebrity judges and other events such as the best fan-made tribute movies, parodies, and versions of franchise scenes.

The attempt was so successful that it was repeated the following year and was imitated in many places. In fact, many cities around the world since organizing congresses, On May 4, Star Wars fan meetings, parades and movie franchises and many companies are taking the opportunity to offer special offers and discounts on Star Wars products.

The Iron Lady’s congratulations were not the only occasions when politicians were inspired by the epic. president in the 1980s ronald reagan It was based on the character Grand Moff Tarkin to create a Strategic Defense initiative known as Star Wars. Although the project was never realized, it served to pave the way for the strategic missile system that is still in effect.

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