Telecinco changes ‘Deluxe’ release date for the fifteenth time to track viewer data

luxury It has become Telecinco’s wildcard program, as evidenced by the dance of its broadcast days. Interview space moderated by Jorge Javier Vázquez night changes againas announced by the chain itself through a promotion.

Program from this week Friday night she leaves her nest to make room for ‘Let her be loved’new chat program Toni Moreno. Telecinco chose to premiere the film on the day historically occupied by its predecessor, ‘Volverte a ver’, the program presented and heavily drank by Carlos Sobera.

Like this, ‘Deluxe’ returns to Saturday. Considering the viewership data he collected on Friday night wasn’t as expected, this time around is not a bad move for him. Had to compete with space ‘Your face looks familiar to me’In the end, it pointed to 25.4% compared to Telecinco’s weak 9.1% of space. Then your opponent ‘Challenge’, who also manages to lead every night. Only as a competitor did he manage to get close to the ‘Deluxe’ (14.3%) Antena 3 (14.8%) ability in his last weeks.

This Friday night will be your backup

‘Love yourself’ It is a new feeling with the main components of this kind of format: family and personal stories with a large emotional component that can change the lives of its protagonists; situations where program mediation is desired to find a starting point in resolving a conflict; surprises to express gratitude or appreciation, and a team that will try to make the lives of the participants better after going through the program.

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