Carmen Alcayde recently revealed that she turned down an offer for a Telecinco reality show.

Carmen Alcayde talked about many things that most of the audience did not know in the lie detector test presented to the program ‘.luxury‘ from Telecinco. Among other issues, the presenter revealed during solving the test performed by Conchita Pérez’s machine: He turned down an offer to participate in ‘Survivientes 2023’ due to a family commitment.

Alcayde explained that she had her daughter’s communion in May, a family event that could coincide with her adventure in Cayos Cochinos: “Just wanting to go so they don’t kick you out. Maybe I’ll go.” Go and they’ll kick me out the first week. I just broke up, my little girl who has a lot of mastitis and I can’t do this to her.“.

Alcayde, on the other hand, admitted that she lacked the money she would have gotten by participating in the Telecinco reality show, but was hopeful she would find it elsewhere:I’m a no-brainer and I think I’m going to get away with it all. Even if one day I come to say ‘Save me,’ I think I will carry my children forward.”

“Yes, it’s true that I really needed that money, but I wouldn’t forgive myself for not being on such an important day for my daughter.. I will not be a millionaire, but I will get out of this business as I always do,” said the server and evaluated this issue.

Other than that, regarding one of the polygraph questions, Carmen Alcayde explained why. Jorge Javier Vázquez has not been spoken to for several years After ‘Aquí hay tomate’ finished: “It’s not that we don’t talk because we get along badly, He created one life, I created another, and we had nothing to do with it. I started having children, he was here to be successful… We didn’t talk to each other, but not because we didn’t get along. I’ve always had a lot of chemistry with Jorge. Whenever we saw each other in the hallway, we hugged and laughed at each other even though we hadn’t spoken to each other in years.”

“Really, each of them has lived a very different life. It’s one of those relationships. when you see yourself you love yourself and if you don’t you can forget a little‘, Carmen, who wanted to make it clear that Jorge was never his friend, explained this during the broadcast. ‘Here’s the tomato’ they only ate together five times and shared a ride.

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