Keanu Reeves starred in cuddling with five puppies and moved fans 13:16

Actor Keanu Reeves moved fans when he embraced five puppies. It has been reported daily mail.

Keanu Reeves is a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Talking about the shooting of John Wick 4, which will be officially released in Russian cinemas on March 23, the actor also took part in an exam where a puppy was awarded for each correct answer. As a result, the star of the Matrix got five golden retrievers.

“I am the king of cubs!” he laughed, sitting with the animals in his arms.

The video moved Keanu Reeves fans. Fans of the actor wrote in the comments under the video posted on the talk show, “Is it possible to love Keanu more?”, “Keanu and the puppies are my two favorite things”, “My heart can’t stand all this cuteness”. official Instagram account ( owner of Meta company considered extremist and banned in Russia)*.

Formerly said About the fact that Keanu Reeves got his name from the drug from the fungus.

Source: Gazeta


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