Trendy, but unsafe: how to choose white sneakers

Sneakers are the most versatile shoes in the spring wardrobe. Especially if these sneakers are white. They are suitable for almost any outfit, but at the same time require special care.

Which sneakers to choose

According to the image maker Anna Kustova, it is best to choose sneakers without inserts and decorations – they will give them freedom of expression.

“This season it is fashionable to wear white sneakers with colorful laces, we “support” clothes or accessories with them. For example, green earrings and green laces – the image becomes brighter. You can decorate your sneakers with brooches or badges. If you want to play with the image, you can change the laces for satin ribbons, ”says Kustova.

It is worth noting that such a stylistic decision is not suitable for everyone. It can often seem very childish and unnecessarily assertive.

Instead, fashion week street style stars set the trend for lace and side tags, retro pieces (in this case, Reebok and Asics favorites), and cutting-edge silhouettes. High-soled sneakers are now considered the most fashionable, Converse had a lot of such options. In general, the trends are similar to those seen in sneakers.

White sneakers are a panacea for the long agony of choosing shoes for the image. Especially advantageous in the spring and summer of 2022, white sneakers for women will look with ethnic sundresses, flared trousers with slits and classic suits in bright colors. There are still stylish casual looks for men – cotton pants, linen shirts and trench coats.

The basic rules for wearing white sneakers, according to stylist Ruslan Egiyants, are not to wear them with black socks, but to be careful and follow the color. He also explains that sneakers, and especially white ones, are the fastest thing to wear in the wardrobe.

How to care for white sneakers?

Marina Bitsadze, director of public relations at shoe store Rendez-Vous, admits that keeping white in its original form is very difficult. At the same time, shoe care experts oppose washing in the washing machine, as it permanently deforms the shoes. So, that’s what most white sneaker owners do.

“It is best to wash the sole of white sneakers with a special shampoo. In addition to regular cleaning of shoes, they need to dry in a timely manner. Use special blocks made of beech wood to keep your sneakers in shape. The natural material absorbs moisture quickly and does not deform,” says the shoe expert.

Bitsadze recommends cleaning white leather sneakers with a special lotion and then nourishing the skin with moisture or oil. Shampoo foam for shoes will get rid of dirt sneakers made of textiles. Folk methods for leather are: mix washing powder with a spoonful of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, rub it on the surface of the shoes and leave for 10 minutes.

If your favorite sneakers are no longer washed, you should not immediately get rid of them.

Vogue magazine included Reebok Club C 85 vintage sneakers in its selection of shoes that will never go out of style. And this model, which is already in store, looks like someone has been scribbling it for a few months. The Golden Goose sneakers that everyone was crazy about last year are being sold with serious scratches, stains and dirty soles.

Where to buy sneakers now

In addition to the Reebok model, Vogue magazine included Adidas Stan Smith, Veja Campo, Alexander McQueen suede embellished, Vans classic slip-on, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 sneakers in its “eternal” sneaker collection. It can be purchased very expensive from retailers. For example, Converse now costs 15 thousand rubles.

Nothing worse can be bought in Russian shoe brands, more budget, but quality sneakers. For example, white sneakers from the Two Balls brand cost 5 thousand rubles, a thousand more – they are sold at School77 for 8 thousand in Dynamo. Also, sneakers can be found in multi-brand stores such as Rendez-Vous, Ekonika, Sportmaster and Brandshop.

Which models do not hurt the feet

There is an opinion that wearing sneakers is bad for the feet due to too flat soles. Modern manufacturers claim that they produce shoes with shock absorbers, arch support, orthopedic properties, which makes them more comfortable and safer. But traumatologist-orthopedist Eshgin Rzayev in an interview with still does not recommend buying sneakers from brands – in his opinion, it is better to turn to individual tailoring and orthopedic insoles that will support the arches and activate the muscles. feet.

You need to be especially careful when choosing sneakers for a child.

“It has been scientifically proven that walking in such shoes leads to a significant change in biomechanics and gait in children: the stride length and plantar flexion amplitude increase, the entire mechanism of activation of muscles and ligaments changes, and the changes are also the result of the mechanical movement of the shoe parts,” says the doctor.

According to Rzaev, shoes with very hard heels restrict the mobility of the foot. This, in turn, causes a change in the hindfoot and turning it in or out.

Buying white sneakers for spring seems like the most logical decision, but such shoes require special care and orthopedic insoles that most people neglect. discussed with the doctor which model will not hurt the foot, with the stylist – which ones to choose, and with the shoe specialist – how to wash.

Source: Gazeta


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