Rapper Doja Cat shows up at Paris Fashion Week with a fake mustache 25.01.2023, 22:03

Rapper Doja Cat wore false mustaches and eyebrows at the Viktor & Rolf fashion show at Paris Fashion Week. It has been reported daily mail.

Having recently shaved his head, the artist chose for himself a “male” image – a short haircut, complemented by eyebrows, as well as a false mustache and beard. They were complemented by large silver earrings and large rectangular glasses with blue lenses.

The actor’s outfit was an extravagant variation of the 19th century men’s costume – Doja Cat wore light brown high-waisted striped trousers, a long jacket made of the same material, and a green striped white blouse with ruffles and a high collar.

The image was completed with white pumps and a white manicure.

old artist appeared at the Schiaparelli fashion show covered in red paint and 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

Source: Gazeta


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