Prince Andrew promises to reveal facts that will boost his reputation 22:38

Excluded from his family due to a scandal with Jeffrey Epstein, British Prince Andrew promises to reveal information to his acquaintances next month that will help restore his reputation. This was written in a column by journalist and royal affairs expert Richard Eden. daily mail.

“He says details that will change the public’s attitude towards him will be made public. He says that will happen next month,” the columnist says, quoting his sources.

It was not specified what exactly Elizabeth II’s son planned to say. However, before recognizedPrince Andrew plans to sue Virginia Giuffre (née Roberts), who accused him of sexual misconduct at the age of 17.

As Richard Eden points out, Prince Andrew decided to do so after consulting with lawyers, inspired by Virginia Giuffre’s earlier withdrawal of a rape case against another man, admitting she “could have been wrong”.

Source: Gazeta


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