Gucci brand opens its first two-chef restaurant in Seoul 20:27

Italian brand Gucci has opened a new osteria restaurant in Seoul with the menu of famous chef Massimo Bottura. This has been reported official website.

The restaurant is located on the top floor of the Gucci flagship store designed by South Korean artist Song Mo Park. The restaurant has two chefs: Hyungkyu Jun from Korea and Davide Cardellini from Italy, they cook in perfect harmony. They present their vision of authentic Italian cuisine with a playful Korean twist and showcase innovation that knows no bounds.

‚ÄúThere’s an invisible thread going around all Gucci osterias in the world. It weaves Italian cuisine with products from other major world cuisines. “Like Italy, Korea sees its food as part of its culture, and I am very happy to welcome everyone to our restaurant in Seoul,” said Massimo Bottura.

Gucci Osteria is a series of Italian contemporary restaurants located in cities around the world with diverse and distinct identities. With creativity, grace, humor and sensuality, they share a culinary philosophy that is inspired by the currents of the seasons.

Previously reportedDakota Johnson was criticized for advertising Gucci bags.

Source: Gazeta


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