Jordi Cruz reacts to ‘Masterchef’ and Patricia Conde controversy: ‘I saw a decision’

the war between Masterchef Celebrity Y number of patricians Go on. Final reaction to competitor’s accusations jordi cruzAfter the strange behavior he exhibited in the final, the player who treated the player very harshly. “You made history on this test. This is the first time we’ve seen a finalist who didn’t want to fight for the jacket, you were a complete disappointment,” he said on the show.

Patricia paid little attention to the chief’s words on her social networks: “I love Jordi a lot but he has a role to play like everyone else there”. According to the finalist, the juror “says they sent it to him because of the good people and the headphones only.” “It’s a game, it’s not real,” he stressed.

Jordi Cruz spoke about this in statements collected by the Chance of Europa Press. “You know what? I didn’t see the argument, I saw a resolution and that’s it. Chimpanzee today”limited to what the judge said.

We remember Patricia talking about her bad experience with the TVE format on her social networks: “I suggest you hire a psychologist for the program to explain to us the reason why. ‘You are not crazy, the oven is closed’eg”. He also deduced that two of his colleagues would have used drugs during the competition.

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