Chef Tlekhuch announced the recipe for the most expensive meat jelly for the New Year’s table 04.12.2022, 10:26

The New Year is an opportunity to pamper yourself with a delicious and unusual appetizer with crab and black caviar. The recipe for the most expensive meat jelly was shared with by Metropol chief Inver Tlehuch.

“We are all used to the classic dishes on the New Year’s table: Russian salad, herring under a fur coat and jelly with meat. This New Year, I decided to rethink the usual snack and add delicacy to it. To make it, I used the most popular “expensive” and understandable ingredients – crab and black caviar, “said Tlekhuch.

To prepare meat jelly, you will need fish broth, gelatin, crab meat, horseradish cream, red caviar, black caviar and salt.

Soak the leaf gelatin in cold water. We heat the broth, bring it to taste and add gelatin. Add the horseradish cream to the crabmeat and form 3 balls. Pour the broth into the form, add the crab balls and caviar. We put it in the refrigerator to stabilize for 8 hours,” Tlehuch advised.

To complete the preparation, you will also need greens, daikon and quail eggs.

Previously reportedpsychologist advised to prepare for the New Year in two weeks, so as not to get tired.

Source: Gazeta


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