Anecdote about Orestes’ first Pasapalabra

Orestes and Raphael very close to the jackpotPassword‘ takes 24 hits The ‘El Rosco’ test more and more often. But the boat continues to resist for the two competitors and already amounting to 1.870.000 Euros. This astronomical cumulative number they could get reminded them of something. ex-contestant, David Leowho took 1,866,000 Euro reward in October 2016.

at the last show Rafa, who visited Pasaplabra 130 timessent him a “huge hug” and also a rather sarcastic message: “We can get more from you now.” Sevillian continued with a confession, saying that David Leo was a good friend but only invited him for a coffee after he got the real money he had put in his pocket when he won the jackpot.

Moreover, Orestes with 293 programs behind itHe remembered his first appearance in ‘Pasapalabra’. Then The Burgos man was only 19 years old and met David Leo.“He was on a full level and I was a little kid,” she explained on the show. “There was no way to beat him. There were two programs that I found difficult, but this was my first experience and I was extremely excited,” Orestes said.

Pasapalabra continues unstoppably with viewer data and became the most watched program on television, leading the way for 28 consecutive months. He manages to lead his main opponent by 16 points in his own slot and continues as the king of the “golden minute”.

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