Plays ‘La Roja’, ‘Blitz’ and ‘Nightmare in the kitchen’ are competing to capture audiences today.

Spain He’s playing his first decisive match this Thursday. Qatar World Cup 2022. Luis Enrique’s team is trying to seal their qualifiers for the round of 16, a match against Japan that can be watched at 20:00. one from TVE. The meeting will feature narration by Juan Carlos Rivero, commentary by Andrés Iniesta, Iker Casillas and Javi Martínez, and field interviews by Lara Gandarillas. The previous program will begin at 19:05.

Chicote, hands to work at laSexta

nightmare in the kitchencome back tonight sixth with a new installment (22:30). The program presented by Alberto Chicote at laSexta will stop at ‘El Palomo’, a low-hours Seville venue run by two twins who are unable to update their work style or what they offer on their menus. Not only that, because there are customers who have to write orders and because the business doesn’t have a dataphone, there are also those who leave without paying under the pretext of calling the cashier. To fuel the disaster, the kitchen isn’t very good either: a freezer with a broken door, butane cylinders, stoves for cooking on the floor…. Jesus the cook doesn’t help either: he leaves the tavern in the middle of mass after an encounter with Chicote. After days of hard work and reflection, Betis actor ‘Capi’ and a rociero choir will be the icing on the re-opening cake, which Chicote hopes will be the first step in a revamp that re-orients the tavern, its gastronomic offering and flavor. organization.

island of seduction‘ Returns to Thursday night telecinko (22:00 hours). A 10-minute preview of what your partner is doing in his villa. This unique opportunity, announced by Sandra Barneda on a recent visit to Villa Paraíso, will be taken up by Javi. The party after the show causes one of the boys and one of the girls to be seduced for the first time in a night where almost all the heroes sleep together. The next morning, doubts and regrets arise before the girls have time to attend a new bonfire. In it, Claudia mingles with her feelings and is convinced she doesn’t want to hurt Javi, Paola is insecure about the connection between Andreu and Cristina, and Tania experiences her hardest bonfire when she sees new footage of Samu surprisingly moving forward. Road with Elena. Earlier, Ana had announced her decision whether to continue having this experience after reuniting with Cristian at the emergency bonfire.

Jason Statham is on the hunt for a cop killer in Antena 3

on his behalf antenna 3 ‘ bet for a new passlightning(22:45). Blitz is a serial killer from London who kills police officers. Chief Inspector Roberts and Sergeant Brant, a tough, inflexible and politically incorrect police detective, will be responsible for trying to stop the psychopath. It seems that Blitz is committing crimes to become a tabloid star because the more he kills, the more famous he becomes.

Horizon‘Come back tonight four (22:40 hours). The field will analyze the mass protests that took place in various cities of China against the restrictions imposed by the ‘zero covid’ policy. To do this, the program will connect live with Lucas de la Cal, a reporter in Asia, and reporters Yuan Lee, a Chinese dissident; and Zigor Aldama, who has been working as a reporter in China for twenty years.

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