Circarte celebrates normalization with nineteen companies and three galas

in total 19 circus companies It gives life to the Circarte festival in Alicante for nearly twenty shows and events – compared to 14 last year. 13th edition The post-pandemic normalization, which started on Thursday and will last until the 23rd, is welcomed.

That’s why they’re getting better big galas During the presentation, this meeting, which “has a very special circus format and is very necessary” Lomi Szil, until now the director of the festival, a position he transferred Elena Ludwig. “It’s like a rebirth and now we are the Circarte Family, which organizes other projects besides the festival.”

The first gala was held as the last 30th day in ADDAthe second will be overhead in Fractal Space on the 15th and the third Circarte Grand Gala at the Teatro Principal in Alicante on the 16th with his participation seven companies with different techniques, including two international ones.

This gala will also serve as the opening ceremony of the fair. VI CircoRed Congress It will bring together groups from all over the country, from 16 to 18, in Alicante.

Szil stressed that the parade is recovering stupid walkers with resonance footband At the 15th, “Playing with the Monty Python-inspired idea.” Also returns for the second consecutive year Valencia Circus School with Fkanys BimsaHe will be seen in the Auditorium on the 19th.

Street show will also come from their hands Hortzmugait shows end of the road On the 14th in the Northern Territory.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, two shows from Alicante companies were presented through Alacant a Escena. Two in Vilo, with foul Friday the 7th in Cigarreras and Hyacinth Siphon Fontanawith enthusiasmOn October 21 at the Gastón Castelló Social Center.

Two more companies from the Valencian Community are participating. patricia brownon the 20th at the Teatre Arniches and Malabo CommunityAt the El Campello Auditorium on the 21st.

The artistic director of Circarte also underlined the presence of the Majorca company. D’Es Tro, A spinning top and Basque ensemble to close the festival at the Casa de Cultura in El Campello on the 22nd and the Bancal Escènic in Beniardà on the 23rd. Zirko Zaurere, same day but at the El Campello Auditorium.

The presentation was held at the Municipal Art Center. gentle column


Circarte opened yesterday with an exhibition opening Consolidation of the circus arts in Alicante It is one of the parallel events organized within the scope of this festival at the Municipality Art Center, which can be seen until the 28th.

Elena Ludwig emphasized: three family circus workshop planned in Alcoraia, Cigarreras and Beniardà and Circusof the Chaplin“Workshops resumed this year because the public is always in demand” at the Filmoteca on the 13th.

a circus school

Both the general manager and artistic director of Circarte highlighted the need to create a circus school in Alicante “as there is demand”.

This is not the first time this issue has come up, complaints have started coming in since the Doney Ardit association was founded 25 years ago. “A year ago we were looking for a place because we need special technical conditions, not just something anyone would do,” said Elena Ludwig.

Cultural Consultant, Anthony Manresa, I assure you “I’m getting gloves”, but “it will have to be in the next legislature anyway”. In addition, the mayor pointed out that they contributed. 9 thousand euros for the festival “In addition to the transfer of venues” because “The Department has always wanted to bring culture to the street.”

For the Deputy Director of the Teatro Director, Mary Dolores PadillaThe Circarte Grand Gala is “a unique show created for this occasion” and shows the Director “continues to bet on the circus”.

Raul Garcia, The cultural technician from the University of Alicante emphasized that Paraninfo’s new facilities will open on the 19th with the Circarte show.

Source: Informacion


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