Metaverse enters BAUM FEST, Europe’s largest tattoo and urban culture event

In 1996, only 50 tattoo artists came together in the first Cotxeres de Sants. Barcelona Tattoo Fair. “It was difficult to find 10 top Spanish tattoo artists. There were only a few female tattoo artists. Now Spain has the best in the world and we are proud to contribute a grain of sand.” Words Mike Garretathe director of the oldest congress in our country, “for some, Europe’s most important and among the top three in the world” proudly underlined this Thursday during the presentation of the event, which will open its doors in Fira Barcelona’s Hall 8 (direct access) from Friday 7 October to Sunday 9 (from Plaza España) to celebrate. 25th anniversary.

There was no Barcelona Tattoo Expo in 2006 or 2007, and he migrated to La Farga in L’Hospitalet in 2008, “but we even did a flow edition in the pandemic year, we registered ourselves in a place with a few booths,” he said. garrett. In the previous year alone, 18,000 visitors were reached, which is a record. The ‘explosion’ of the world tattoohas established itself as one of the most important urban fashion trends of this century. “Since 2000, many barriers and prejudices have been broken and tattooing is already seen as an art.” Laura Cuberoorganizer and congress spokesperson.

back to normal

Last year there were still restrictions on masks and mobility, so many artists were unable to travel to Barcelona. Still, 13,000 fans were counted. In this 2022 edition, the bar is expected to be raised because back to normal. “262 tattooists came from 32 countries and 27 Spanish provinces; almost all Autonomous Communities are represented”, Garreta explained in detail, not just nervous to once again show “the beauty of tattoo living by the best in the world”. [la gente se podrá tatuar durante la feria. Por ejemplo, el año pasado se realizaron 800 dibujos]but also above all urban trends available in the last ten years. BAUM FEST (Barcelona Art and Urban Movement): break dance, graffiti, skating, extreme sports (BMX, Inline or Parkour), wheeled art (custom motorcycles and cars), exhibitions, concerts…

Brake dance exhibits at BAUM Fest 2021. Joseph Lluis G.

“The festival was born 10 years ago to expand the family with other activities stemming from or related to this tattoo culture.” isaac gomezresponsible for this ‘Extreme’ aspect of the competition.

As in other fields such as art, fashion or music, metaverse will also take place in the congress for the first time. “We’ve added a touch of virtual reality before, but this will be the first experience in this continuous multi-user environment,” said Gómez. Painting experience in a parallel world will be possible thanks to Nexus Virtual Studios, Pixel Pro Barcelona and the artist and graffiti artist. slicer.

will be again live graffiti all weekend, but you can enjoy creating as a novelty. made in a human body. In addition bmx competitions in different modalities, this will be the first time it is programmed. ‘Best Trick’ parkour competitions. in total six exposuresfrom the tattoo artist and the Swiss-based Peruvian artist who is the leading guest of the fair and the author of this year’s poster maximum ghostanother of the traditional Japanese paintings and a few dedicated to the world of comics, for example Rafa Vaquer’40 tacos celebrates 40 amotos, with the character of Johnny Roqueta, complementing a wide range of activities, including exhibits. special effects and body makeupand even the living art of the famous tattoo artist, graffiti artist and award-winning painter Albert BonetWho will draw a five-meter canvas in these three days?

Also, it will special tattoo cosmetic stands with talks, competitions, concerts, skater fashion, riders and pin-ups, food trucks… “Today the convention is not just a meeting between tattooists and their public, we are holding workshops for children, family audiences and those who do not have a single tattoo,” Cubero emphasizes. Well, this is the program other parallel activities and even a solidarity daylike the Malaga pioneer in artistic repair tattoo held this thursday Marilo Fernández and two other tattoo artists selflessly helped eight people suffering from cancer to erase the scars of their mastectomies.

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