Rapper Coolio, author of Gangsta’s Paradise, dies

cool rapperOne of the most representative musicians of the Los Angeles city scene and 1990s hit producer ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ dies This Wednesday at age 59, she confirmed her rep.

The musician died this afternoon at a friend’s house, after confirming that he was not going out or answering his calls, he went looking for him in the bathroom and found him. died of a heart attackAccording to representative Jarez Posey. “What I do know is that he was at a friend’s house, went to the bathroom and died of a heart attack,” Posey said in statements collected by the NBC network.

His real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr. Coolio rose to fame as one of California rap’s biggest names in the 1990s. The pinnacle of his success came in 1995 when he released the song ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ as part of the ‘Dangerous Minds’ soundtrack, which became one of the most popular rap songs to date and topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 3 weeks. won a grammy award. The theme had such an impact on pop culture that there was even a satire of Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘Amish Paradise’, whose lyrics completely contradicted the original.

Born in the state of Pennsylvania in 1963, the rapper moved to the south of Los Angeles in the late 1980s and began his musical career with the release of the album “It Takes a Thief”, which featured singles such as “Fantastic”. Journey’ and ‘It Takes a Thief’. His later releases include ‘My Soul’, ‘Coolio.com’, ‘El Cool Magnifico’ -which pays homage to the Latino community of Los Angeles-, ‘The Return of the Gangsta’, ‘Steal Hear’ and ‘Alttan’. 2 Top’. In parallel with music, Coolio also took part in the audio-visual world. more than 100 credits on series and moviesIn addition to publishing the ‘Coookin’ with Coolio’ cookbook and show.

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