Mubag strengthens education program for schoolchildren

this Gravina Museum of Fine Arts organized a complete educational program For the 2022/2023 school year, with five innovative special education lines for each school level. Activities will be developed around the permanent exhibition XIX century. gathering under the lightBringing together the main themes of Spanish art with the works of related artists in a contemporary discourse that students can explore. free service.

students thematic routesin Spanish or Valencian, group practical activities in the same showroom. For infancy offer prepared painter and friendsPainter with gym game that little ones will help Laura García de Giner Gathering the necessary materials to do their job. For Priority itinerary is offered Stories of seas and harbors, To be able to compare the society of the XIX century with the present society.

Also, for ESO phase Y Graduated from a Universty they are detailed three routes, to reinforce depending on the lesson and topic. Inside Experiences and experiences of Alicante painters in the 19th century, Students of ESO’s early years will follow in the footsteps of some artists from Alicante on their way to national and international recognition. And itinerary for the 4th year of ESO and Baccalaureate Art: The art world from the museum and one History: Parts of history through art. In both proposals, while the works are selected, the route will be created by the participants themselves.

At the teachers’ disposal five information brochures More information about the itineraries to be arranged on the museum’s website.

Interested schools, institutes and centers can now start serving. guided transitionsIt will take place from October to June, Tuesday to Friday, from 10:00 to 14:00.

Vice President and Vice President for Culture, Julia Parraconfirmed the large number of requests from schools so far to visit the cultural facilities of Diputación de Alicante, which will be attended from 1 October. “It is a great pleasure to continue this event, which aims to show a young audience one of our main museums where they can see the works of artists from Alicante and many other places that are very representative of our cultural heritage.”

In addition guided tour service for groups still active to permanent exhibition and some temporary exhibitions Tuesday to Sunday, during the opening hours of the museum. They will be on display until the first weekend of October. Jose Aparicio and visits can be requested in Spanish, Valencian, English and French. Guided passes are extended on weekends, by pre-registration or visiting the museum, on Saturday 18:30 (temporary) and Sunday at 11:00 (permanent) and 12:00 (temporary).

On the other hand, the museum team takes part in the preparation of the museum together with the expert staff. scenario of subsequent theater visits scheduled to premiere end of october.

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