The life of Pedro Zaragoza in Benidorm in 19 illustrations

Who was Pedro Saragossa? What were the most important events in your personal or political life? Knowing the figure of the former mayor of Benidorm for much of the 50s and 60s is already possible through an exhibition in the USA. Espai d’Art Urbà Ponent As part of the ‘Year of Pedro Zaragoza Orts’ commemorative events. But use is not exposure, but consists of: 19 illustrations signed by artist Malagón

They cover the life and work of the city’s former mayor. The exhibition will be on view from this Friday and is called ‘Pedro Zaragoza, life and work in vignettes’. Therefore, it is an offer that allows the disclosure of information. “a fun, different and very attractive way” The figure of Pedro Zaragoza reviews the most important episodes of his personal and political life and, moreover, allows the viewer to gain an insight into the personality of the forerunner of Benidorm today.

“We’re talking about a figure that continues to arouse great interest, not just in the local population,” explains Ana Pellicer, member of the Historic and Cultural Heritage council. Prominent outside Benidormin the national and international media and in the academic fields of tourism and urban planning”, because many of its actions and strategies for tourism planning and the region are still “fully valid and current decades later”.

One of the vignettes that can be seen in Westeros. David’s Revenge

L’Espai d’Art Urbà Ponent is the chosen venue for this exhibition. It will be on display until the beginning of the year. The film, in which Malagón, who worked together on Pedro Zaragoza’s book ‘The charm of Babylon, the geographies and stories of Benidorm’, and writer and documentary filmmaker Albert Alcaraz, shake hands once again, in which Pedro Zaragoza has an extraordinary space.

This tandem reunites, in this case Follow a complete profile of Pedro Zaragoza, To remember and cherish his figure, and at the same time approach a key passage in Benidorm’s recent history: the incredible development and change the town went through from the 50’s until it became a tourist reference today. .

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