Territoire, Piramida and Alpha Decay bring their electronic music to ENSO

Zone, Pyramid, Alpha Decay and sessions yugen left Y mbo DJ will play in ENSO, electronic music and production festival which will celebrate its sixth edition From 27 to 29 October at the Las Cigarreras cultural center in Alicante. The headlines that will open and close the meeting have not yet been announced.

These artists are part of the poster for the creators and experts to participate in the competition. round tables, master classes, performances Y rare sessionswith all free access.

Combining music, art, technology and sound documents, ENSO is once again the Consorci de Museus de la Generalitat and Alicante City Council Culture Department as the main boss, it turned into one of the events The most important annual events on the cultural agenda cigarettes and one of the biggest claims advanced music Y experimental, art, science Y technology of the Pioneer from the province Alicante


In constant motion and without stable formation, region personal project of the composer and producer Oliver Arson explores the relationships between experimental instrumentation, electronic processes, and robust narrative.

released albums Alice (Humo, 2018), co-produced with Oscar Mulero and Tasio, and Mandorle (E/C, 2012), with Abel Hernández, who participated in festivals such as Sonar, Impetus, Roadburn or WOS and opting for special places such as the Laboral church in Gijón, the old arms factory in Oviedo or Nave 16 in Matadero Madrid. He also created the installation Confess (2016, Insonora), based on the ritual of confession, and collaborated with the contemporary dance troupe of Irene Cantero, a regular collaborator. Region.

Oliver Arson is the creator of the Territoire project. Pedro Martin Calero

Oliver Arson as a composer of film soundtracks and landscape projects. regionwhere he freely reins in his own interests in experiments. As a composer, he composed music for Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s films. God forgive us, Mom Y Kingdomwinner with second Goya Award for Best Original Music in 2019. He also composed the music for the series himself. Area Y riot gear -Also from Sorogoyen and founder of avant-garde label E/C.

Pyramid¬Luca Volkov + Mupi IchbinMupi

Combining effects from the most elegant electronics and more underground techno, The Huelva-Granada trio is at the forefront of electronic and visual production. After working together many times in the past, they are reuniting once again in the production of an LP that will release in early 2023 and show their next phase. ENSOLAB.

pyramid, name of solo music project Rocio Fernándezcombines its own production with its projects. sound design, participation in the new Sevilla city brand fashion podium between We Love Flamencoand the European Commission’s participation in the project for its new headquarters in Seville.

Pyramid and Luca Vólkov + Ichbinmupi.

He resides in Huelva, has been part of various artistic and cultural initiatives over the years such as Laca Digital or PLOCC (Onubense Contemporary Culture Platform) and was awarded the Best Cultural Initiative of the Decade by the X Anniversary Awards de Huelva 24. His personal work has been published by many private media like Neo2 or DjMag, A country to rest RTVE or Southern Concerts Andalus TV’s photo.

In his latest full-length work, steamReleased in 2021, pyramid He explores the voices and emotions that inspire his life in an industrial and peripheral city like Huelva. He is currently broadcasting under the record label Faneca Music (Madrid).

under aka Luca Volkov hides singer, producer, DJ and visual artist Lucas Robledo (1992). Experiment with the darkest sounds of music production, creating repetitive patterns that create an atmosphere of escape into a dark and wild world. Born in Granada and adopted from Huelva, member of Colectivo NAN, expressing his work between different art disciplines, his most visual work has been seen at Granada Film Fest, Transdisciplinas or Los Tientos. His arrival in Huelva was a before and after in underground and elegant artistic production, leading him to collaborate with Pirámida and Mupi from Huelva on an LP to be released in early 2023.

in the rear mupi found Ricardo Marquez Perez, graphic designer and visual artist, trained at the Art School of Seville and majoring in Motion Design at the Barcelona School of Design. He concentrates his career on horseback between audiovisual campaigning projects and audiovisual artistic experimentation projects. His participation in the creation of the new Seville city brand and the recent grant for artistic production from Diputación de Huelva Daniel Vázquez Díaz are outstanding.

He moved his work to rooms such as the Casa Colón (Huelva), the Casa de la Provincia (Seville), the Palacio del Almirante (Granada) or the Museo Ruso (Malaga). Under the pseudonym IchbinMupi, his most experimental work has appeared on stages such as the Gran Teatro de Huelva, the Caja Blanca in Malaga or the Isabel la Católica Theater in Granada and has been released under the record labels Faneca Music and Toroide (Madrid). His restless and avant-garde character has led him to collaborate with numerous artists in the Spanish music scene, including Okkre, Alejandro Lévar, Teslaradio, Luca Vólkov and Pirámida from Huelva.

Alpha Decay

Alpha Decay is a project Ambre Laparra. A live show played with modular synthesizers and relying on experimental soundscapes to create loud electro-break rhythms.

Ambre Laparra anchors in Barcelona and starts working as a sound engineer after many years of being an active part of the traveling community, spreading his love and great sound systems to Europe and South America with his team.

Alpha Decay.

He has immersed himself in the modular DIY scene thanks to the Befaco family. started build your own modular synthesizer He performed live at events such as Modular Day Festival BCN, Dutch Modular Fest NL, OffLem Festival BCN, Phonos, El Pumarejo, Poortgeboouw Rotterdam…

He also did some collaborations with acoustic musicians, composed music pieces for dance performances, and in 2019 co-created Wave Game, an analog light, sound and dance system to allow each wave type to influence the others. Let the lights and movements create their own music.

Now she is releasing her first recorded EP floating somewhere on her sailboat. It’s called Odisea Pirata and will be available on Series Negras very soon.

yugen left

Yugen Kala (Hector and Nico Iglesias) Two young musicians and producers from Vigo (Spain). From their infancy in their father’s (music producer and concert hall owner) recording studio and growing up among mixing consoles, synths, instruments and other analog instruments, it’s no wonder their early and immense passions for music. Yes, the maturity of his work in the studio andset without apology with abstract sounds an unusual type of electronics.

They released their first LP, Nothing is Original In February 2020, with only 16 years. The album is a resounding exploration of radical, dark and at the same time entertaining electronica, with an enormous flux of influence fueled and absorbed by these two young people, fueled by countless sources (musical, cinematographic and literary…). the creators overflow each of the 14 cuts that make up this marvelous record of craftsmanship.

Nothing is Original Radio 3 received enthusiastic reviews from Mondo Sonoro or Metal Magazine, and from specialized media such as Parallel 3, Lapsus or Siglo 21, from private figures in the music industry. It was featured as one of the best experimental electronic albums of the year by different media outlets.


Maguette Dieng He is a DJ and cultural programmer from Barcelona, ​​dedicated to the spread of music from various fronts. On the one hand, he is DJing under his name. mbodj, playing in different venues such as Razzmatazz, Apolo or Laut among others, and festivals such as Mutek, Sonar or Loom. also a A bimonthly radio show on Noods RadioAn online station located in Bristol.


On the other hand, co-founder of the music collective JokkooIt consists of six members of the Barcelona-based African diaspora. Together with them, they have a monthly radio show on Dublab.es where they broadcast sounds with electronic and experimental roots from Africa and its global diaspora. They also host parties where they invite these artists or attend the programming of music cycles like Lorem Ipsum in Macba or the Electronica festival in La Casa Encendida in April.

The motivating power of work Maguette It has a lot to do with transforming the existing view on electronic and advanced music and how community and possibility can and should be created through sound.


Round table

Inside black boxThursday, October 27th at 18:00will be round table In the interview with the participation of the leading experts of the sector, where the ENSO reporter and press officer undertakes the presenting and moderation, Ferdinand Fuentes.

Masterclass + Live rare sessions

rest of the heroes master class + live and Rare Sessions In the near future, they will be announced, as well as the exact schedules.

goals ENSO 2022, according to the organizers, equal dissemination of the audio-visual culture and all experimental aspects of electronic music and art; promotion of quality cultural content related to electronic music, science and the arts; To give visibility and support to local, national and international artists whose proposals and works bear a degree of experimentation, singularity and risk that does not allow them to have a stable and serious environment in which they can exhibit their work and of course exhibit their space. Alicante and its artistic and cultural fabric on the national map of music, art, science and technology.

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