‘Let him go’ in the eulogy to the penis, which gave 15 thousand euros per concert to David Civera: “Contradictions arose with Alejandro Abad”

David Civera heard for the first time stop it He thought he would not be successful. Or at least not the way he did. This song was the first single in body spirit (2002), his second work. Consolidation, given the tremendous success it achieved with its debut. Considering that Operation Triumph was conceived in the midst of the event, this was extremely complex. And also, the shadow tell him i love him (2001) it was too long. However, she managed to confront him with a completely opposite proposal. Without hesitation, the singer pulled one of those winning aces from her arm that few dared to dare, she said. “We used my rogue side,” she admits. And it worked for him. Thus he not only managed to differentiate himself from David Bisbal or Manuel Carrasco, but also securing a throne he hasn’t thought of removing for years: “I had to come back with something shocking. I went from being Sergio Dalma to Ricky Martin”.

Vale Music’s strategy has been successful. First of all, if you factor in the number of copies sold: 150,000. Part of the blame lies in the video clip where Civera begins to develop herself. new role showman. “We wanted to create a dinner between friends trying to conquer a woman. The end is brutal when he breaks up with another girl. With this kind of proposal, which I continued to explore later bye Y Forgive me“I brought out my role as an actor,” she recalls. Despite kickback, always identified more with his previous LP. Although he does not deny the honey he tasted thanks to the latter. On the contrary, it established him as one of the most influential figures of the moment. “It was a theme with a distinctly patriotic character. This scared me. It sounded like a bullfight. Every time we played, there was a party. It became mine hit more important,” he adds. In fact, he is still alive to this day.

“Because they stopped him, he is a liar, evil and dangerous. I can’t control it,” says the lyrics. One who has sparked several debates about its meaning. For example, in 2016, Alejandro Abad explained in Save me that it was a tribute to the penis. According to his words, he composed it when he got out of the shower and looked at himself in the mirror. What do you think?

I don’t think he was born that way. It was out of line to say that. I doubt it has a sexual meaning. He talks about a possessive woman for me… but I don’t want to go deep into that question either. My relationship with him was good and now cordial. Again we encountered nothing. We’ve done great things together and no one can erase that. On one stage he was also my manager, and there, as with any artist, inconsistencies arose.

Since its launch, stop it He was the leader of the Spanish, Mexican, Chilean, Peruvian, American, Venezuelan charts… Despite spring 23, he lived up to the explosion in which he played the leading role. “We did a 180-day tour. I remember finishing one and starting a new one the next day. It was incredible, but now it’s making me panic,” says David, who already has twenty years of experience. So the country was kicked from head to toe. There was no town that didn’t want to have it.. So much so that if someone hires him for their parties, the neighbor will announce in the next few days: “Lots of people have drawn it. We had a unique production with seven instrumentalists and four dancers. We sang our songs to thousands of people who know. They sang them at the top of their lungs. They danced nonstop. It was a dream”.

She had never dreamed of flying this high. Even when I was a kid and composing for church. He studied piano at the conservatory to satisfy the artistic curiosity that the little ones initially developed. He even competed in various competitions. Still, the music felt like something far away. Until I tried it at the very popular Lluvia de Estrellas. In his first television appearance, religious experience Enrique Iglesias’s photo. She was 17 years old and met Abad through this outburst. He realized the potential the young man had and decided to bet on him. In five years he was representing Spain. Eurovision. “If I had to choose, I would stay with him. tell him i love him. He is my talisman. He is the one who made me dedicate myself to this profession”, he emphasizes. Between 1997-2022, it rose to the sixth place with 76 points, which is the best ranking in our country. A success that then only Chanel surpassed 21 prints.

15.000 € per concert

The anger that rose in the early 2000s spread to other areas. For example, he participated in television Unfortunately… Dinah! and won its second edition look who’s dancing. And on an advertising scale, starred in a movie stain Directed by Bigas Luna. inspired by him raw raw, the aim was to introduce this typical product of Teruel. The marketing strategy doesn’t end there: The bus used for the tours was silkscreened with an image of the singer accompanied by this Iberian.. “It was a song. If I could change one thing from the past, it would be. I wouldn’t travel with it again. There were places we couldn’t stop. They got to know us quickly and got to the top. I even went to the wedding venues where we went to have dinner and took us to the party,” she continues, without acting. stop it It has become an indispensable part of any feast. But today the style is very different: “It’s mostly used at the political level.”

He had to earn a lot of money.

I worked hard, but I did not have a stratospheric cache: we started with 15,000 euros. Note that I am not the author or owner of the themes. teacher, so the amount that came in was not as lively as people thought. we traveled with megahit at a good price. That’s why we did a lot of bowling. I traveled cities and towns. We haven’t lost the handcuffs with fame. We wanted to enjoy the tables and so we did. It is true that from time to time we make symbolic increases of 3,000 euros. We even reached 30,000. Any improvement was always aimed at improving the situation. To show. My obsession was to put on the best show possible. In any case, I could not withdraw.

Did you need professional help to face the roller coaster of emotions?

There were times when I didn’t stop and think. He had no private life. He lived for the stage and for the stage. Looking back, I realize that it was difficult. It was the best years of my life, but there were also bad times. We came at such a crazy speed that no one stopped to ask how I was doing. I’ve been to places that hardly ever sleep. To this we must add that he should pay attention to his voice. This caused me to enjoy the art world so much. Luckily my wife was always with me. Teruel has been my refuge on many occasions. This gave me stability.

This 2022, David Civera is back with ‘Among Friends’. FILE, ARCHIVE

This peak of popularity was only able to reaffirm him once more. happened with byefirst single from their third album. Chiqui Big Group (2003), went platinum and was crowned in radio. Civera seemed unstoppable. However, the fake spot that removed it began to show signs of wear. From there, the effect waned. And yet Forgive me (2005) and Neither the first nor the last (2006) preserved its type, numbers that hurt. However, the translator was far from taking a dive, he knew how to manage the situation. “As my career progressed, the industry pressed me even more. I wanted to improve, but they wanted more of the same. I will never deny it because I think the strategy they followed with me was the right one,” he explains. At that moment, decided to change his priorities and focus on family.

He got married in 2007 in the cathedral of Santa María de Mediavilla. Posted three months ago won’t be enough, the sixth raid. they follow living with you (2008), we can choose (2009) and to the rhythm of the classics (2011). There came a time when David wanted to stop, although they allowed him to continue with the concerts. An event that coincided exactly with the birth of their child. “I gave them a total priority. I wanted to enjoy them. It is impossible to combine my normal life today with my life back then. everything has a time“, she notes. Since then, her appearances have been limited: she released it in 2013. original version; in 2016 15th anniversary; and in 2019, Empathy. None had the expected effect: “Once upon a time I music has become a job for many. Good results are achieved by working with respect and humility”. This is back with the year 2022. Between friendsA song that has regained her interest and celebrates 20 years of her greatest success.

to dostop it it would be better than this tell him i love him At Eurovision?

No. Understood. The first is very Spanish, the second is more international. It is a type of European rumba close to the Gypsy Kings.

What tune never gets tired of dancing every summer?

Mariaby Ricky Martin.

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