An Argentine investigation links Placido Domingo to the activities of a sex trafficking network

Placido Domingo It was presented at the Teatro Colon in the first week of August. Buenos Aires. The public applauded Giuseppe Verdi’s comments on the tracks ‘La traviata’ and ‘Il trovatore’, but were almost unaware that at the same time the Argentine Federal Police had placed him at the center of an investigation. outreach research on a cult under the auspices of yoga teaching, linked to human trafficking and the provision of sexual services..

name of tenor reportedly appears in several phone calls seized within the framework of the investigation into the activities of the disbanded Buenos Aires Yoga School. Its leader, eight-year-old Juan Percowicz, is one of 24 people arrested by security forces.

In one of these audio recordings, whose date is unknown, it is claimed that there was a meeting between Domingo and a cult member and a woman known by the nickname ‘Mendy’. In another recording, the same voice attributed to the singer appears: “We leave when we leave for dinnerIn one of the records leaked to the press, ‘Mendy’ is shown as an addressee whose identity has not yet been determined. “Plácido said he could come visit us, that is, he would come visit me. Because he went home to New York and remembered yesterday”. And he adds: “Once again I will have to sacrifice myself, I have a great profession for service”. There is also a conversation between ‘Mendy’ and accountant Percowicz. , who warns: “She already called me (Sunday) and got matufia (cheating) together so I can stay at the hotel before the agents notice.” And a playful Percowicz replies: “how degenerate are you“. He added: “It seems to me that you have had some cooperation with this product”.

The Buenos Aires School of Yoga has worked on this crime key for three decades and was on the target of Justice many years ago. Judge Ariel Lijo returned to this case and ordered a wiretap. The tenor accused by sexual harassment inside United States of Americanot the subject of investigation magistrate

Domingo’s image had to be stepped aside at the Los Angeles Opera, influenced by events in the United States.

scope of the denomination

Domingo’s involvement in the Buenos Aires Yoga School scandal, a criminal organization under the promise of spiritual advancement recruited and subjugated hundreds of peopledid nothing but lift the singer from the spot where she was applauded for her vocal abilities to put her back on a plane of suspicion.

The degree of heresy of the Percowicz-led sect made a strong impression in Argentina. Not just because he got “school” sponsorship of large companies and banks but because of its own operation and the mechanism of economic accumulation based on the “exploitation” of people and the use of money in the real estate business. Police seized more than a million dollars in one of the records.

Source: Informacion


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