Ten years of improvising on stage

When you taste it, they say improvisational theatercannot be abandoned. Santi AvendanoIrene Pardo, Alvarito Circo and Lea RiosAt least they didn’t. The quartet make up ImproVivencia, the state’s first professional improv theater troupe to celebrate ten years on stage with the public.

For this reason, The company will present four of its most important shows spread over four Sundays At the Alicante Cultural Hall between September and December From the Mediterranean Foundation. I am playing opens the loop on September 11, then Love, Death and… October 16, Ladies to Bingo on November 13 and Connecting The celebration will end on December 11 with seven artists on stage. Tickets are already available on Entradium.

ImproVivencia was born in 2012 as a pedagogical project using theatrical improvisation as a tool. Santi Avendaño and Javi Soto In 2014, they started their first performance by establishing the company in addition to the school. In 2018, Soto took another path and was gradually joined by Irene (biologist and singer), Álvaro (circus artist) and Lea (teacher). “In theatre, actors come in contact with improvisation as a means to work on scenes, but we see it as an end. Here you are not just an actor, you are a screenwriter and director, and everything is alive. It is a poison that enters you and is difficult to get out,” explains Avendaño, admitting that it would be very difficult for him to do “text” theater now: “She’ll be jealous.”

Traditional theater also falls short for Irene Pardo: “Improvisation gives you the ability to react on stage, you are so ready with all five senses. It’s much more full for me than traditional theatre. You will never be idle, and if it happens to you, you will take advantage of it for the stage,” the actor and teacher joke, “the good thing about improvisational theater is, If a spotlight falls on the stage, we bring it into play”.

A scene from ImproVivencia’s show “Love, Death and …”

Among the players, he noted: eight shows created in this decade there are many pure improvisations, others that have something in common, and others that are very free, but even if there is structure everything is left directly to the free will of the person and the reaction of the people.it’s always different and sometimes tests them to see if they repeat the evolution of a montage they’ve seen before. And no. “When faced with the same offer, it’s a different response,” said the founder and director, adding that multiple loyal viewers congratulated them for it.

85% of improv drama is based on comedy, so they often make public scenes laugh and excite. “Sometimes it’s so real we had fits of laughter on stage, we tried to control them, but sometimes it was impossible. Ladies to Bingo It happened to us,” they recall.

“Ladies in Bingo” by ImproVivencia INFORMATION

The four titles they will be presenting in Alicante are part of their great success: I am playing This is their flagship, they spent five seasons on Las Cigarreras and they haven’t represented this publicly voted competitive show for three years; Ladies to Bingo here are the four ladies playing public bingo with a final prize; Love, Death and... more innovative in aesthetics and landscapes that include music and illustration, and Connecting It was born out of complete freedom, with nothing made of the connection between the seven people who added three special guests on this occasion.

Being a pioneer in this field is not an easy road and has not helped the “economic and emotional ups and downs” of the two-year pandemic, but after a decade of work the group sees itself as “more established and increasingly active in Alicante” at the national level, Latin America “We even did a little tour in . We have yet to set foot in either Arniches or the Warden, in Alicante. We love”.

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