Mon Devane mural in Galicia, voted the best in the world in July

Fendetestas, mural by the artist Mon Devane In Sigrás as part of the Chromatic festival camber, Voted the world’s best for July by the global platform Street Art Cities. This work was the only one selected from Galicia and one of five selected from Spain. This recognition will allow you to choose your reward. best mural It belongs to the year 2022.

“Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to vote for my mural to be Best of July on the Street Art Cities platform. Keep up the color!” Devane announced it through his social networks after learning. that he has won.

In his statements to this newspaper a few days ago, the artist pointed out that it would be “positive for everyone” to achieve this recognition by developing a wall where “no one is looking at him” and showing an interest in his work and also in art. most chromatic Wall Festival, To Cambre and to urban art in general. “They’re positioning you on a global level, and maybe a guy in the US is seeing you right now and looking for what Cambre is and exploring your town hall, discovering me and seeing my business work, it has repercussions and there’s a return on investment,” Sevan said.

Ourense’s Mon Devane was inspired by the actor and comedian. Xose Antonio Tourinan To raise the Fendestas character animated forest Wenceslao Fernandez Florez’s photo. The painting was done on the side of a building, the old Alba boarding house.

Devane, who managed to place one of his works on the same platform as the second best mural of the month in 2021, has been using spray paint as the main tool in all his artistic works since 2003. in a photorealistic style.. Work in large formats. Since 2016 he has participated in urban art festivals around the world. In March 2021, the exhibition Las Estrellas del Camino opened, curated by Estrella Galicia, featuring murals along the French Road from O Cebreiro to Compostela.

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