Farewell to director Wolfgang Petersen: German power and Hollywood stars

Wolfgang Petersen has never been or tried to be like Roland Emmerich, but there are some commonalities between the work of these two German-born directors who have won Hollywood acclaim for their powerful films with excellent commercial performances. Although the news was not made public until this Tuesday, Petersen died on August 12 at the age of 81. He enjoyed his glory in German cinema with ‘The Submarine’ (1981), with its characteristic metallic groans and sonar sounds, in a submarine II. Drama set during World War II.

He had made quite a few films for television before, despite being screened in theaters such as ‘The Chess Player’ (1978) with Bruno Ganz, but it was the success of ‘The Submarine’ and ‘The Neverending Story’ (1984), Michael Ende’s Based on the famous novel On the radar of Hollywood executives.

The first thing he did was ‘My Enemy’ (1985), a science-fiction film that premiered at the Sitges festival that year, showing the collisions and alliances of a human (Dennis Quaid) and a reptilian alien (Louis Gossett Jr.). .) on a lonely planet; It was an interesting remodel of ‘Hell in the Pacific’ (1968) describes how an American and a Japanese soldier (Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune) did the same thing on a Pacific island during World War II.

In the ’90s he turned to thrillers and produced the more traditional ‘Night of Broken Glass’ (1991), a psychologically suggestive intrigue with Greta Scacchi and Tom Berenger, and the more interesting ‘In the Line of Fire’ (1993). , with Clint Eastwood as Presidential bodyguard After failing to assassinate John Kennedy, he has a second chance to save another American president. The cinematic taste more or less connected with ancient genre disasters was born in his filmography with the film ‘The Pandemic’ (1995), which is gaining influence today: A monkey carrying a virus similar to Ebola travels from Africa to the Mediterranean by boat from Africa. The United States is United and is unleashing a terrible epidemic.

Petersen was already entrusted with the star cast and After playing Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman in ‘The Pandemic’He put himself at the service of Harrison Ford in ‘Air Force (President’s plane)’ (1997), a funny delusion unless you take it seriously, when Ford was acting as the president ‘action hero’. captured a Russian terrorist plane.

With ‘The Perfect Storm’ (2000), starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, he returned to the idea of ​​disaster movies with a certain dramatic tone, telling the true story of a fishing boat that came into contact in the fall of 1991. what defines the title of the movie, the collision of two huge waves. His greatest success would come with ‘Troy’ (2004), a luxury peplum plan review of the story of Helena (Diane Kruger), Paris (Orlando Bloom), Achilles and his heel (Brad Pitt), and Hector (Eric Bana).

His last major production was indeed the classic disaster film ‘Poseidon’ (2006), no more or less than the color ‘remake’ of ‘The Adventure of Poseidon’ (1972). However, Petersen suddenly disappeared from North American cinema and reappeared 10 years later, directing a discreet comedy about his country of origin. four men seeking revenge on the bank that defrauded them, ‘Four Against the Bank’ (2016). This was his last movie. He was suffering from pancreatic cancer.

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