“B-side” of festivals

The unfortunate tragedy that occurred this weekend was the result of a “thermal explosion”. Cullera Medusa Festival shed light on these events. Live music one of the fastest growing markets in the country as a whole in recent years.

The industry is currently experiencing a particularly complex summer after a two-year mandated shutdown due to the pandemic. cancellations for economic or weather reasons, for example Temporary evacuation of 5,000 people this Saturday at Rabolagartija in Villena and polemic As caused by the official Arenal Sound bus, where dozens of teenagers suffered from dizziness and heatstroke.

After the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, The summer of 2022 has been named the year of recovery Economic for this sector, especially with the desire for the public to enjoy concerts again.

So far this year, attendance numbers seem to reflect this – more than 25,000 people per day at the Benidorm Low Festival, according to the organization – however, Festivals like Crazy Urban in Torrevieja canceled Due to inclement weather recently, others like Diversity de València have done this without much explanation, and for now, without refunding the ticket price: Between 70 and 1200 Euros.

Additionally, event attendees, staff and organizations are further away than ever before. Main reasons: “abusive” rules» in enclosures and stagnant working conditionsThose who cannot adapt to the current economic situation.

Several people who have worked for years at different festivals in the province of Alicante Regret that wages have not increased over time but they are completely stagnant.

The high inflation that plagues Europe is not reflected in the salaries of those who go to bars, who check tickets and accreditations: «They pay us the same as before the pandemic, between 7 and 10 euros per hournormally 7».

In addition, regarding shifts, in many cases they guarantee: “We can work twelve, thirteen or even fourteen hours a day. in the same night in a row» all are charged at the same price.

As for the public, more and more voices they condemn the “abuse” of companies on social networks accuse organizers and bans on bringing food or drink from abroad: «They force you to consume as if it were a restaurant when you are not on site, and They take advantage of setting exorbitant prices If you have paid at least 50 euros for the ticket». As such, they argue that “if accommodation businesses have an obligation to offer free tap water, it should be the same for festivals.”


Babalú Group, the company responsible for editing the scenes for the Cullera Medusa festival, admits that it employs unskilled personnel to work for the organization. The event was canceled this Saturday after strong winds knocked down one of the stages, killing one of the concertgoers and injuring dozens who attended one of the concerts.

Days before the festival’s opening, Javier Montava, managing director of the company in question, told TVE, “We had to hire a lot more unqualified people to be able to provide a full service like we did before.” The rising winds caused a strong sandstorm and eventually overturned.

As a result of the incident, a young man in his 20s died, and nearly fifty people were injured, including a young woman with a spinal fracture. A dozen of the injured were transferred to different hospitals in Valencia in serious condition and the rest were treated at the scene. The organization of the festival confirmed in a statement a short time later that the event was definitively cancelled.

To this discussion, which has already come from afar, now payment wristbands: a system in which attendees must “replenish” the balance of their bracelets with cash or cards in order to purchase them at the venue.

The “trap” that the participants denounced is this: to get back the remaining balance between 1.5 and 3 euros must be paid “management fees”: “It’s ridiculous that they charge us to get our own money back”.

Companies, they are silent for now. Due to the delicate situation the industry has been going through after the recent incident in Cullera, this newspaper tried to contact the various people responsible for the organization of festivals across the Valencian Community. they chose not to valuate about the state of the live music industry or the controversial conditions condemned by the public and workers.

Source: Informacion


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