“One disadvantage of Spanish music is putting too many labels on genres”

Spanish-Italian duo Sport will be one of those responsible for the opening. north west festival Estrella Galicia in port facilities. They will be performing at the Transatlánticos dock in A Coruña this Thursday at 10 pm. sandra delaporte Y Sergio Salvi will lead the bet for the mix of sounds. electronic music and Spanish pop.

how was your comeback music do you live in these months?

There has been a very strong return to live concerts. Actually, I don’t know if we can talk about a return to normal because there are more festivals this year than before. They’ve come from all over, and the market is nearly saturated. Everyone wants to touch it. We haven’t worked for two years and that’s great because we’re all very busy like that.

Is the supply excessive? festivals this year?

Festival offers are high, but the industry seems unprepared, as the public is eager to experience music as before. In the last month and a half, we have seen that the festivities ended at the last minute and so on. Anyway, I think it’s a good sign that there’s so much interest.

Delaporte’s music bets are on electronics. Why is it catchy for the live listener?

It is true that in our case we make electronic music. But in the end we make songs. There is a matrix in the background pop very important. Beyond the electronic aesthetics, sound and arrangements, we pay great attention to the songs, choruses and lyrics. We do this because we truly love. pop. Then, live, I think we bring as much energy as you can usually find in a concert. source or punk. Many people who are not passionate about electronic music love it for the energy it exudes. There are many things that we cannot consider ourselves to be just an electronics project. Many things we tried took us to music festivals. independent.

Collaborations with artists of other genres were common in his recent works.

It was a challenge for us to show ourselves that we can go beyond electronic regulation. We convinced ourselves that we could buy it one more time and still make a good song.

Are these stylistic collaborations a way to enrich your discography?

They always are. One downside to Spanish music is putting too many tags on genres and turning them off too much. I think they eventually started to split up and people of different styles started collaborating because they understood that music was one thing. And that’s when music grows when combined with other styles. This is how new fashion and aesthetics are born. Sticking hard for something is good, but it’s also enriching for breaking the rules and laws.

Does this line come from international markets rather than Spanish?

In other countries this is more normal. There has never been a purity complex in the United States. All American music is born of fusion and experimentation. They’re still doing things that don’t have a name. The label comes later. When artists free themselves from labels, the result is more organic. Taking care of sound is an important part of music so that music has a unique identity, language and techniques.

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