Kuznetsov, the founder of “Tender May”, announced the frequent death of group members

“Tender May” composer Sergey Kuznetsov in an interview with Andrey Kudryavtsev’s YouTube channel talked about the causes of the frequent death of group members.

Kuznetsov noted that he did not consider the famous team cursed, and the cause of the death of its members lay elsewhere. According to the author of the main hits of the group, this is easily explained by the large number of participants and the composition “Tender May”.

“The story is tragic. A typical team consists of four or five people. And how many trains were in “Tender May”? More than a hundred people. The more people, the more chances of accidents. Ordinary statistics. It can’t be a curse, ”said Kuznetsov.

Music critic Sergey Sosedov suggested young artists will sing the hits of Yuri Shatunov. And fans of the artist given temple icon for the soul of the singer to rest.

Source: Gazeta


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