“Music for Hitler” play canceled at Teatro Principal in Alicante

The game music for hitsThe scheduled performance at the Teatro Principal in Alicante on December 18 was canceled due to the actor’s health reasons. Emilio Gutierrez Cabahero of this work Juan Carlos Rubio recreating the musician’s personality Pau Casals under Nazi occupation. Production canceled nationwideHe informs the theater of Alicante, which regrets the inconvenience caused to the public.

Instead, for the same dateAt 18:00 on December 18, TalyCual, Txalo and La Alegría Producciones will bring the acclaimed comedy to The Director. unsuitablealso by Juan Carlos Rubio, starring Kiti Mánver with Marta Velila and Cristóbal Suárez in the cast.

Made popular by the movie version, the piece tells the story of Luis, who finds the home of her dreams but with a minor downside: Lola, the eight-year-old landlord, probably soon because she will have to live there until the day she dies. She smokes, drinks, and has had two heart attacks. So Luis buys and waits for the “big day”.

Ticket prices are 12, 18 and 25 Euros.

Source: Informacion


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