Carlos Blanco wins award for “Music’s secret smile” in Los Angeles

designed as a kind of autobiography like describing his entire life in his case, where he collects his most outstanding experiences with music. It was published at the end of last year and now The secret smile of musicof the Carlos Blancojust recognized with honorable mention International Latin Book Awards 2022 Your angels.

This Uruguayan researcher and musician, who has lived in Alicante for more than 40 years, collects in this book his adventures in the lost corners of the world and his work in collecting indigenous instruments. More than 4,000 tracks from 150 countries He has collected them in various museums, one in Busot and the other in Caravaca de la Cruz.

With the secret smile of music, Blanco Fadol also Publisher Caligrama Penguin Random House’s Talent Seal. the full group Lantia Publishing Caligrama submitted the book to the International Latino Books Awards in the United States earlier this year, organized by Latino LIteracy Now, co-founded by the actor. Edward James Olmosbusinessman Kirk Whisler and the American Library Association, which has rewarded authors such as the following in previous editions Mario Vargas Llosa, Pablo Neruda or Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

book cover

Also, he just got Mexican International Golden Orchid Festival Honorary Awardfor using music “as a pure means of communication in the world” and “inventor of new musical instruments: didactic, musical innovations, instruments for the disabled, large sound structures and reproductions of old instruments”.

This award will be collected on October 5 at the City Hall of Morelia, Mexico.

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