Three new shows for the Teatro Principal de Alicante

Adds Alicante’s Main Theater three new shows for next season, including In October of assemblies dependant, a study with Gabino Diego and one children’s music.

Company from Alcoy La Dependent, which just premiered at Sagunt a Escena Juliato carry to Alicante on 2 October Icariaof the Pasqual Alpontwhere nothing is as it seems, Jordi Ballester, Pep Sellés, Gemma Miralles and Pepe Miravete in the cast. In this game, two men and a woman are planning the kidnapping of a rich businessman, but the kidnappers don’t seem to have enough money and as time goes by the tension becomes unbearable, crazy scenes between comedy and tragedy.

this 8 and 9 October when it comes happiness curvea humorous show by Eduardo Galan and Pedro Gomezgoverning Joshua Ormaetxe and the lead role Gabino Diego and Antonio Vico, Jesús Cisneros and Josu Ormaetxe. The study reveals human fragility and fragility when the couple broke up and talking in a comedy key of relationships of any age, as well as difficulties in finding communication and stability between men and women.

The third show comes from the company’s hand Bravo Demonstrators and musical Super Stuff Live is for children. It tells the story of the city. Kaboom CityWhere Professor K studied under Mister King. they are both attended school Clank Corporation, gigantic lab The place where they created the “super Things” thanks to a miraculous substance: Kazoom.

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