Barcenas forgot Catalan

To the old finances of PP a few years ago, luis barcenasand his son Willy could often be seen dining hand in hand at a restaurant in Baqueira. Both are good skiers and have escaped to the Catalan resort from time to time. Times have changed and now father and son can only hug each other in Soto del Real prison or on one of the vacations that Luis Bárcenas has enjoyed since last summer. The careers of Bárcenas father and son are diametrically opposed. While his father ended up in prison when he was one of Rajoy’s strongmen, his son started playing with some of his friends and established himself as the leader of a reference music group, especially during the summer months.

Barcelona in Palafrugell

this monday, The Stool, led by Willy Bárcenas, performed at Calella de Palafrugell for the fourth consecutive time. And again it was a success. Mostly from Barcelona, ​​it’s definitely packed with a dedicated audience, with more mothers than fathers, sons as well as daughters shouting every song as if it were the end of the world. It seems like a competition to show who knows the lyrics better. Perhaps Juli Guiu, president of Clipper’s, the festival’s organizing company, and always present at concerts with CEO Vanessa Llopart, should order the removal of all seats from Cap Roig on the day Taburete will perform. And a ‘really’ began and all those present stood up to the end.

Juli Guiu, who has an ankle injury that requires only the use of crutches, remained half-seated. Guiu is also FC Barcelona’s vice president and public figure. He plays a key role in the Spotify conversation because of his friendship with Daniel Ek, the CEO of this Swedish company. Meanwhile, little is said about this sponsorship after so much leverage has been activated, but it’s the most important revenue Barça has closed this year and without the need for a refund.

A smiling Raphael in Cap Roig. NEWSPAPER

Barcenas said a speech was prepared halfway through the concert. Catalan and forgot. I’m not surprised. As he says in the song ‘La Discoteca’, they drank the pots and everything will explode… Bárcenas drinks a lot during the concert and doesn’t hide. Already even in the last stretch and maximum enthusiasm instantly swallows a whole ‘cubata’ as ‘adfundum’. And people are applauding as if this is a turning point. It’s true that it’s summer, it’s hot, he’s young, and the public wants to party, but that’s not his best image. But Barcenas controls the rhythm of the concert like no other, heeding the wishes of the front-row fans, including selfies, and sweating on his shirt more than some Barça footballers last season. Not even an encore, but after almost two hours they have no strength left for it.

More musicians from ‘cayetanos’

Taburete’s runner-up is another young man with a ‘cayetano’ profile but also seems to be far from Madrid ‘pijismo’ in favor of music. Actually,Ntón Carreño, grandson of businessman Gerardo Díaz Ferrán, was also imprisoned He had surgery for appendicitis sometime three days ago, but he was acting there.

In short, it was a party and a complete success. Another member of the Clipper organization hung the ‘Sold Out’ poster at three reference festivals this year. At Cap Roig, Cambrils and soon Summerfest Cerdanya.

Well nothing, yeah Raphael finished his concert two days later with a ‘Visca Catalunya’.‘, Willy Bárcenas wanted to be more politically correct and was released: ‘Long live Cap Roig, Long live Catalonia and Long live Spain’ and the locals, most from Barcelona, ​​sang Viva España far more than any other. And when I say much more, it means much more, and there were very few Spanish flags this year. I didn’t count more than five. In short, the attendees had fun, and that’s what matters after two years of bad times for music. It all ended as the song ‘Caminito al Motel’ said: And I started drinking, I started dancing and it started growing. Stupid, give me a drink, give me a drink…

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