Filmoteca d’Estiu in Alicante, a pending issue

ilicitano Chema García Ibarra’s latest film, Holy Spiritopens this friday Filmoteca d’Estiu de Valencia In the gardens of Palau de la Música, where it will continue its open-air summer cinema program until September 3. this time they Eleven films to be screened throughout the month in 26 sessions, every night except Wednesday. Filmoteca d’Estiu is organized by the Valencian Cultural Institute, affiliated with Generalitat Culture, in collaboration with Valencia City Council and with a beer brand. In 2019, the last year before the pandemic and restrictions, with a capacity of 950 people. 14,600 people. And it celebrated twenty-two editions.

And the Filmoteca d’Estiu in Alicante? not foundnever existed, nor in Castellón. In these 22 years, the IVC Film Library has not expanded the project to Alicante and Castellón. in itself is a major comparative offense added to programming for the rest of the year; that local governments do not propose a cooperation For a tourist city like Alicante, hosting a full summer movie library in August doesn’t help either. However, this gap may change. if he comes into the game next year Mediterranean House.

“The problem in Alicante is the lack of space.. Even the search for location was considered, but we couldn’t find a way to do it and it stopped with the pandemic,” says José Luis Moreno, former vice director of Audiovisual and Cinematography at IVC. First approach to Casa Mediterráneo in 2020where was the festival held Article! Culturewhich includes the projection of some movies, music concerts and games with good results. For the next 2021 year, IVC has already launched its own performing arts festival Fresh in Alicante in July! – first at pier 12 of Alicante Port and this year at Plaza de Toros – but the movie screenings were out of luck as Casa Mediterráneo had no activity in August.

IVC general manager, Abel GuarinosChange of management at Casa Mediterráneo and Andres Perello possible to reach Agreement to move the screenings of the Filmoteca d’Estiu to this area “for summer 2023” because “an old idea we have is to bring to Alicante a similar cycle of films from Filmoteca that does not compete with movie theaters – because they are not commercial films – and it is a shock to the citizen” . “When we tried some movies there in 2020, we found this to be a good place to do it. It remains our intention to try and we are in it. I promise to speak with Andrés Perelló on the return of the summer, in September, to see if we can collaborate because Casa Mediterráneo would be an ideal place”He points to the guarinos.

Perello, in turn, He sees no harm in hosting Filmoteca d’Estiu sessions at the premises. “It’s a matter of sight. It’s not that we shut down in August, it’s that activity has dropped and The building is very hot during the day, but I think it is possible because it is an activity done at night. It’s about talking about it and seeing how we can adjust it,” says the person in charge of Casa Mediterráneo. More than 400 people were seated.

Another cycle of the Museum Consortium

On the other hand, the Valencian Community of Museums Consortium produces the programs of the CCCCinema d’Estiu, held in the cloister of the Centro del Carmen de València, for the fourth year in a row. With free access, 24 films will be screened in a European comedy cycle this August, with sessions every day until 28 August except Monday.

Shown in the summer cinema behind Las Cigarreras last July african meadow

José Luis Pérez Pont, director of the consortium, points out that the cycle is working very well in Valencia and bringing something similar to Alicante is a possibility that has not been tabled until now. “If Alicante City Council is interested, we can propose for next summer. because it’s a cultural and different entertainment alternative”, states Pérez Pont.

On his behalf, Member of the Cultural Council, Anthony ManresaIt has been summer cinema in Las Cigarreras for years, now with the “Cinema from Behind” cycle with eight films in July, but not continuing in August, so open to exploring possibilities. Currently, this is the only summer movie theater in town, with only eight screenings in July.

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