“I was worried that I would overshadow Leps”: interview with musician Vanya Dmitrienko

Tell me, how did you start music?

– At the age of seven I studied at the Theater of Contemporary Art in Krasnoyarsk, and a wonderful vocal teacher came there who taught me to sing. Five years later, my mother decided to send me to the Generation Next festival in Sochi, and I apparently surprised everyone. It was an amazing performance! After that, Uncle Zhenya Orlov (producer Evgeny Orlov – socialbites.ca) approached my mother and said: “Svetlana Valerievna, if you want your son to have a great future, move to Moscow immediately.” Believing this to be a sign of fate, my family left everything and we moved to the capital. Literally by chance. In Moscow, in the then existing “Children’s Republic” (a creative studio for Orlov’s children – “socialbites.ca”) ended and I somehow began to develop.

– How did you gain popularity?

– A year later, Uncle Zhenya gave me a guitar on my birthday. I started writing music on it and recording covers. About a year and a half, maybe two years later, one of them got 2.5 million views on TikTok. After that, I began to actively participate in it: shoot every day and work tirelessly. My views have reached 5 million per month – even more … Yes, many times more.

Then I started meeting various artists who responded to my covers and asked them to resend the records to me. I remember that MACAN and Vogel were among the first to share me. At that moment, I had gained 200k subscribers on the covers and 400k subscribers on TikTok. This was my first success. It was a golden time, carefree … But I didn’t want to get stuck with it and started looking for a team. I thought it was worth moving towards a solo career.

By the way, about the covers: I will be performing with other artists at the Yandex Music Karaoke Night on July 29 at the Plus Dacha in Gorky Park. We will cover famous songs there. For example, I took the compositions JONY “Comet” and Grechka “Love me, love”. In the final, we will perform the song “Bear” of Mumiy Troll with Tosya Chaikina, Eldar Dzharakhov and other artists of the karaoke night.

Do you think TikTok helped you gain fame?

— I don’t directly associate my career growth with TikTok, but it has definitely helped. For example, it was thanks to him that the fragment “Venus-Jupiter” was shot. As a result, it received 3 million views. I didn’t want to post it there though. This is the secret of success!

– At VK Fest, the organizers refused to invite the singer and blogger Lyusya Chebotina to the main stage. She was offered to go on stage or runway for bloggers. After that, the girl said that she would not perform. What do you think of his decision?

I love Lucy so much! She is a wonderful person—and she was once a very close friend of mine. I probably wouldn’t have reacted like that: after all, there are other guys out there who might be offended by such a gesture. But in general I understand his reaction, and at the same time – bloggers and musicians – I don’t want to get confused. That’s what they always do. If we’re into music, have the courtesy to call us musicians!

Lucy did this because she wanted to defend her name. I understand it perfectly. Maybe I support it in myself and I find your decision absolutely right.

Do you write your own songs? For example, how was the hit “Venus-Jupiter” created?

– We wrote together with Artem Shapovalov. This song is very old. It was offered to many, including Yulianna Karaulova, but no one wanted to do it. Apparently he was waiting for me. True, it sounded completely different then. We just dropped the chorus and even added new chords.

We also wrote the Lego piece together with Sonia Rein. She is such a cool girl. I generally like working with writers. It’s always great when people look at a song from different angles.

– In an interview, you often say that the song with Grigory Leps “Baby” is about to be released, but it is still not there. When is it expected?

You put me in an awkward position. I don’t know when it will come out. The truth is, we are in different generations in terms of music. There are many aspects that we do not publish. But yes, it definitely will. We won’t just leave him alone: ​​Grisha wants him out, all his circle wants mine. You just have to wait. We are in the same shaky expectation.

The truth is, when we publish tracks, we don’t want to mix things up and try to make a logical chain. For example, I recently released an authentic song “I Believe (Satellite)” with ZAPOMNI. We’ll be releasing two more summer and fun songs soon. They are great! I hope the audience appreciates it too.

– Do you have a piece like this that you didn’t shoot but still loved so much?

“Of course there are a lot of them. Same as Dima ZAPOMNI I really like “Sputnik”. I also like the song “Come on”. But “didn’t shoot” is a very loose concept. For example, the track “36.6” was far from being a hit in all respects at the time of its release. However, for a year the song was pumped so strongly that at concerts it is simply shouted.

– You once said: For the audience to love the song, the musician has to really experience it. It turns out that Morgenstern (known in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent) lied?

– Morgenstern has an open secret (laughs). But to be honest, I don’t know what the secret of a hit is. Nobody is hiding anything. It happens by itself. You can write a hit song, get hooked on its voice, and keep working on it. But it’s far from a hit secret. It just doesn’t exist.

– You already sang the song “Baby” with Leps. Tell me, were you very worried before going on stage with the master?

– I was worried I’d outshine Grisha. (laughs). We have a very good relationship with him. On the contrary, I felt calmer going on stage with him. He’s really kind and a great person.

– Tell me, are you inspired by Western artists?

– Without a doubt! In general, I believe that all music writers are inspired by foreign artists. They have no limits. This is so cool. If we talk about specific names, these are, for example, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes and others. Lots of guys.

You have a fairly young audience. Have you set a goal to educate your audience?

— It’s not in my priority book. It happens by itself. But I have a sense of responsibility to my audience. For example, I try to present my life to them in an accurate and understandable way so that they can take an example from it, as they need it.

– I know that you entered two colleges – the Gnessin College of Music and the Moscow Federal Law Academy. Tell me, why didn’t you go to any of them?

“I didn’t say I was going. I did, so I got the job done. I thought it was right that I would dedicate myself and my career this year. If it’s rising now, of course you need to focus on that. Of course, I have my personal growth life.

— Do you think artists need professional training?

– If we talk about self-development, this is of course great. But by itself, no one needs a shell. The generation is different now. If it mattered before, not now. At the same time, I personally believe that education is an important thing. Now I myself do not understand where to go and how to train. But I think about it.

— Tell me, how often do you interact with your audience?

– Yes, for example, I answer directly and after concerts I always go out to take pictures with the fans, regardless of their number. I write music for the audience. I think it’s stupid not to talk to him.

– You once mentioned how you ripped fans’ clothes at a concert. At the same time, you sometimes perform on the street, where there is no such thing. Is there a different atmosphere at the concerts?

– On the street I meet ordinary passers-by who did not expect to meet me on the Arbat. People come to concerts for a specific purpose – to listen to me, to meet and to talk. They want to draw attention to themselves and I understand them very well. I think I would have done the same in their place. But still, I wouldn’t tear things up. This is something that happens in a language that we are unlikely to understand anyway.

Do you like this aspect of show business that makes your private life public?

– I have nothing to do with this, because I publish my personal life myself. If a fight cannot be avoided, you must hit first. (laughs). It is better to tell everything yourself.

– Tell us about your future plans. Are you planning to release an album?

– I am definitely an ambitious person and I want to release an album. But how these plans can be implemented in the near future – I do not know. I think you should get to it. So far, I’m not entirely sure this is the time.

– Among other things, you have already acted in several projects in the cinema. Will you develop further in this direction?

“Very interesting structure. The first TV show I played was Oleg on the Friday TV channel. True, at the time I thought that I could not combine two stylish activities – music and cinema – at the same time. At the same time, I fell in love with shooting and want to improve myself in this regard. At least a year later We already have works in the discussion stage that will come to the screens.

– And finally: where do you see yourself in 10 years?

– I’ll be handsome! I wish I could stay as I am now. After all, everything happens and life changes. I hope nothing breaks me. God forbid – there will be Vanya Dmitrienko and his hits.

Singer Vanya Dmitrienko will turn 17 only this year, but she is already well known to a wide audience, including the main hit “Venus-Jupiter”, which broke YouTube and TikTok. In an interview with socialbites.ca, the musician talked about his career, cooperation with Grigory Leps and his future plans she.

Source: Gazeta


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