Newspaper women: Amazon responds to ‘Stranger Things’ but is greedy and ruins a great comic

The morning after Halloween 1988, 12-year-old Erin, Tiffany, Mac and KJ from a small town in Ohio cross paths on newspaper delivery roads. They are attacked by strangely dressed people who steal the girls’ radios. Deciding to take back what they stole, the boys suddenly find themselves in a large-scale war between two groups of time travelers, and before returning home the protagonists must face matured versions of themselves – far less pleasant. people and creatures.

Brian K. Vaughn and artist Cliff Chang’s The Paperwoman began airing seven years ago, so fans are offended when the movie adaptation is called “Amazon’s answer to Stranger Things, which aired on Netflix in 2016.” However, this is probably exactly what it is – in any case, the company founded by Jeff Bezos is clearly itching with a repetition of other people’s achievements, as well as with the “Newspapers” poster – girls on bikes and a neon-purple sky. seems to leave no room for doubt. That’s right, while the stream is slowly making “Game of Thrones” in the form of “Lord of the Rings”, “Game of Thrones” has already gotten its own spin-off, which will air a week and a half earlier than the show based on Tolkien. Second, according to rumors, it cost Amazon incredible money, and there’s a suspicion that it affected Newspapers as well – they really had nothing left.

The show is hopelessly under budget. Page for page, maybe even Netflix and Disney wouldn’t have filmed (in the Netflix adaptation of The Umbrella) the Academy for example, with the Eiffel Tower “of the series, to film Vaughn and Chang’s comic strip, which is constantly bursting with inventions of various lines (like the zeppelin city or Godzilla-like tardigrades). there is no “costly” scene like the rest; 800 pages of paper “Newswomen” is such a favor). But the Amazon project often seems like the team can only dream of for The CW’s notorious installations.

As a result, instead of a turbulent run through different eras (they seem to change every ten pages at most), the on-screen “Newspaper Women” are greatly slowed down, congregating in a few places, and are content with extremely mediocre graphics. In a word, they turn into fresh, depressingly cheap sci-fi where the most exciting thing is gone. Also, Trump references, Apple logos, and phrases like “Amazon is still a bitch” – instead now advertising “Amazon” columns and bookstores. But here, in principle, it is clear.

What’s not entirely clear is what exactly the problem is: at Amazon’s global greed or the weirdness of TV production during a pandemic (for example, Ms. Marvel’s script was cut off radically due to covid, but it’s also not over well). Regardless, the resulting “Newspapers” are, at best, “Newspapers” at least. And it certainly isn’t a competitor to Stranger Things, where every pixel is stuffed with a bag of dollars. This is of course a terrible thing, a shame: the original comic is something truly unique, if not great under different circumstances, not just a response to the hit Netflix and the Duffer brothers, but a mortal blow to it.

At the same time, the authors of the show should be given credit: they must have squeezed the maximum out of what was available. Yep, The Paperwomen isn’t like a blockbuster series at all – and those who aren’t interested will likely get tired long before any active action begins in the plot, and those who are will certainly be frightened by a gruesome battle scene. Giant robots mid-season. But sometimes local audiovisual poverty is compensated by good dramaturgy. In that sense, while the comics were galloping across Europe, the series, which really had nothing else to do, plunged into psychosis and still managed to give a few servings of food to think about (about growing and growing, of course). this is about the maiden which is important). And a pretty splendid polylogue about bumpers. Finally, Journalist Women has the courage and conscience to go a little further than the obnoxious queerbaiting of Stranger Things, which is at least very valuable (something is very valuable here, at least).

The science fiction series The Paperwomen aired on Amazon. The show has been dubbed the company’s attempt to replicate the success of Netflix’s Stranger Things. film critic Pavel Voronkov, who has watched the entire season of The Newspaper Women, explains why this is both true and false.

Source: Gazeta


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