Justin Quiles wrecks roads with a spontaneous concert in Tenerife

Justin Quiles has caused a public safety issue by calling the people of Tenerife to a meeting this Sunday afternoon. concert natural It’s on the beach of La Tejita (Granadilla) after being suspended at the Reggaeton Beach Festival, which it plans to hold at Amarilla Golf on Saturday. The Puerto Rican-American singer and songwriter invited the people of Tenerife to an impromptu show, causing roads in the south of the island to collapse. The lack of security had already motivated the San Miguel de Abona City Council not to allow the reggaeton festival.

J Quiles, as he is known, barely sang three songs before the avalanche of most young people gathered at La Tejita to see and listen to him.. His bodyguards decided that it was better to finish the recital as soon as possible so as not to get into trouble, and they almost escaped.anyone. Later, in another message on the networks, the singer asked that no more people were going to the Granadillera beach, because the movement of fans to join another perreo paradise from the announced hour (seven-thirty) has already smashed a large part of the roads. This area in the south of the island, including the TF-1 highway.

So much so that the outlets of Las Chafiras and San Isidro collapsed for over an hour. According to some of those present, the traffic suddenly turned into a real chaos. On a busy Sunday befitting the end of July, motorists’ anger grew, with an average of more than 30 minutes in queues. Some because they didn’t arrive on time for the visible and invisible acoustics of their idols, others because of unexpected and frustrating traffic jams.

Traffic jam on the roads to La Tejita beach during Justin Quiles’ impromptu concert.

The singer launched a challenge on Instagram on Saturday: Give a free concert on the island after the Reggaeton Beach Festival was cancelled. He specifically addressed the audience: “My people from Tenerife, I have an idea. What about tomorrow? [refiriĆ©ndose a ayer domingo] I choose a beach, do a session and sing my acoustic songs absolutely free for all my fans, what do they say? This Sunday was intriguing and just 45 minutes before La Tejita was confirmed as stage and start time. Quiles wanted to have a detail with his followers, but it made their life difficult. In fact, the police had to evacuate the beach and its surroundings due to the number of people gathered when the reggaeton singer and his entourage left long ago.

San Miguel de Abona’s reggaeton festival continues to queue. This is the disappointing result of the resignation of nearly 20,000 people who saw the waters calm and the desire to enjoy the music they were passionate about for just twelve hours. But Justin Quiles came and ordered them to stop. He dared to post a quote on his social media profile that was endorsed or so believed by his more than eight million followers, which turned against him and prompted him to fix it with social media, always in support: “Revive, don’t come to the beach anymore because too many people and too much traffic. there is”.

It wasn’t goodbye to the island, because that night he sent a final message: “It was a great meeting, see you next time.” He finished with one sentence: “Tenerife, I love you”.

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