Father of rapper JayDaYoungan shot and killed in the USA reveals the reason for the murder

Under what circumstances did the father of rapper JayDaYoungan (real name Javorious Scott) murdered in the USA tell TMZ? dead 24-year-old son. According to Kenyatta Scott, the musician was completely attacked by five unidentified people. Scott Sr. became an unaware witness to the tragedy.

The man said that on the evening of July 27, he was sitting with his son near his home in Louisiana and a car approached them, from which three gunmen had fled. Relatives tried to hide inside the house, but were blocked by two more unidentified shooters. According to Scott’s statement, he also had a gun at the time of the incident – the man responded to the attackers but likely missed. The father, who was injured in his hand, is now in the hospital.

According to Scott, the reason why JayDaYoungan was killed was envy of success, as his son was not in conflict with anyone and was in no way affiliated with gangs. Police are currently investigating the crime.

Source: Gazeta


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