Before and after the little heroes of the most legendary TV series of the 2000s

time beats, the years pass and the children grow upfrom this indisputable equation nothing and no one escapesnot even little heroes movies and series If they’re stunned like kids with their successful and precocious performance, that’s what we have in mind.

We will examine in the following lines o the current status of boys and girls who have important roles in fiction from a very young age and thus reached a notorious popularity too early. There are many spanish serial An example of this is those who have to resort to small translators due to their themes: ‘Los Serranos’, ‘El Internado’, ‘Aída’ or ‘Cuéntame’ among others.

David Castillo, Jonathan on ‘Aida’

It is impossible to forget fairy tales Jonathan, in the legendary neighborhood of Madrid where ‘Aída’ is set. The young man gave life to this important character Between 2005-2014, We’ve seen it grow almost every week. Now David Castillo has changed, but He continues to devote his life to acting, he is already almost 30 years old.

She has worked on Netflix and Disney+ productions recently, actually playing Nacho in ‘Besos al aire’ in 2021 and Santi in ‘El tiempo que te doy’, working on it this year as well. ‘The End’ is a Disney+ production.

David Castillo played Jonathan in ‘Aída.

Natalia Sánchez at Teté ‘Los Serranos’

this actress now 32 years oldHe gained undisputed fame for his role in ‘Los Serranos’ and subsequently appeared in national hit productions such as ‘Amar en tiempo revueltas’.

from Madrid lives happily with his partner Catalan Marc Clotetstarted a family with whom they had two children.

Natalia Sánchez with her husband and children.

especially Her relationship with Víctor Elias, who plays Guille, is still as strong as everThey form a great friendship as they met when they were little.

Example of the perfect relationship between Natalia Sánchez and Víctor Elias.

Víctor Elias at Guille ‘Los Serranos’

this Diego’s middle son He is currently a singer, musician and producer on the series and maintains an emotional relationship with singer Ana Guerra, best known for her participation in the Operación Triunfo 2017 show.

He is currently the music director of Vive-Premios Dial and has worked with the following artists: Pablo López, Ana Guerra, Sofia Ellar, Stool and Dani Fernández.

Víctor is a relative of Queen Letícia. Her mother, the cousin of the queen’s father, and ‘Guille’ in her time, commented that they clashed in family matters. But the situation has changed a lot. “We haven’t had any contact or relationship for a long time. We had a little more contact when they were princes and it’s been a long time.”

Víctor Elias playing Guille in ‘Los Serranos’.

Carlota Boza, ‘minicuqui’ in ‘La que se avecina’

became famous for his role Carlota, daughter of Amador and Maiteincoming. At the moment I am 21 years oldShe has maintained her connections with the acting world and acted in projects such as ‘The Duchess’ and ‘The Mysteries of Laura’.

Later he also started a career as a youtuber, currently he has more than 195,000 subscribers on his channel. Although his major influence was as an influencer on social networks, he has since Over 500,000 followers on Instagram.

Carlota Boza playing Amador’s daughter in ‘LQSA’.

Carlota Garcia, Paula at ‘El Internado’

young player from Madrid now 22 years oldknown for his role Paula Nova in the popular TV series Internship’, She also played Paula’s mother, Irene Espí, in frequent flashbacks on the series.

He has continued to connect with the acting world by acting in serials to this day. ‘Tell me how’ or ‘Medical center’ and even in games.

Carlos is the actress who played Paula in ‘El Internado’.

Ricardo Gómez in Carlitos Alcántara ‘Tell me how it is’

Ricardo Gómez gave life Carlos Alcantara in the series ‘tell me how it is 17 years of life from 2001 to 2018, where we saw him grow from the screen from childhood to youth.

Ricardo Gómez in Carlitos ‘Tell me how it is’.

your her acting career remained very aliveboth in fiction and in theatre. He played José in ‘1898: The Last of the Philippines’ and Goya nominated for ‘Best New Actor’He has also been involved in projects such as: ‘Living without permission‘, ‘El padre de Caín’ and will also be in the lead role ‘Route’ A new Atresplayer production where he will play Sento.

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