“There is also friendship in our show business”: Interview with the ex-soloist of “Prime Minister” Marat Chanyshev

– In the golden years, the Prime Minister’s team managed to represent Russia at Eurovision, taking tenth place. Years later, how do you view this experience?

– Then in 2002 we gave 100%. We tried to sing as well as possible and dance perfectly. Of course we hoped to rank higher, but we only finished tenth. On the one hand, it’s not bad, but we expected more.

– They recently proposed to create their own Eurovision analogue in Russia. How do you feel about it?

– I have a positive attitude. Now there are a lot of television music competitions, they are all on the central channels. If our Eurovision will be watchable, why not? I think the more music competitions and entertainment programs there are, the better.

– How did you become “Prime Minister”? It is believed that producer Yevgeny Fridlyand invited you without competition after listening to the recordings of the group Day and Night, including the hit “Two Diamonds” in the future. This is true?

I joined the Prime Minister group in 2001. Yes, the CD with the songs of the group “Day and Night” really reached Friedland. He even had the “Two Diamonds” piece he wanted to buy. But in the end, Kim Breitburg and Yevgeny Fridlyand offered me to join the Prime Minister group.

– Your team is known to have disbanded due to a disagreement with the producer. Friedland’s website says there is no discipline in the group – and this is what allegedly led to the conflict. This is true?

– During the period of conflict with Evgeny Fridlyand, the team did not leave, leaving the producer in full. Everyone left: artists, musicians, executives from the FBI music production center. We continued touring for four years and we did it very successfully. At that time, hearings were held for the title of “Prime Minister”. We lost this case and became known as the “PM Group”. There is a band with the same name and continues to tour. That’s right, in a cut form – me and Pete Jason.

– Do you continue to have relationships with other members of the team?

Of course, we continue to communicate and be friends. It is impossible to part after 25 years of joint activity. We are in contact, we call periodically and see each other.

There is a myth that true female friendship does not exist. Does she have boyfriends in the difficult conditions of show business?

– Boyfriendship happens both in show business and beyond. And not because you do the same thing – you have something in common, you take care of it together. I have friends we’ve been with for 40 years since kindergarten. And we continue to communicate.

– It seems that the “PM Group” was overshadowed and did not reach the previous “Prime Minister” level. Really?

– Yes, he did not reach such heights as “Prime Minister”, but there were a number of objective reasons for this. First, the Internet was not as advanced then as it is now, all artists depended on radio and TV rotations. For obvious reason we were “ordered” to broadcast on the central channels, many radio stations did not receive our songs due to this conflict. We continued fruitful creative activity, released an album called “No need to say goodbye.” It consisted of 20 songs and in our opinion it was one of the best albums of the group. Unfortunately, it did not resonate as much as previous works. Just because we weren’t turned around.

– They write on the Internet that you and Jean Milimerov nevertheless decided to return to Friedland … What kind of relationship do you have with the producer now – both professional and just human?

– There is some misinformation on the network: we did not get back to the producer, but shared the income from the concerts with him – Friedland had the rights to some songs, our hits. As such, there was no turning back, he did not take care of us as a producer, we only shared the income of the concerts we organized and directed.

You have also recently started working solo and have released a total of four singles. Which one do you like the most?

– All the new songs that I released solo are very close to me, they fell into my soul. Which of the pieces is better, time will tell, it’s too early to talk about that, because we’re just at the beginning. I think all the songs, including “Let’s forget the personal”, were very strong – it turned out to be positive and danceable. I hope the audience will like the song as much as I and our team.

– What plans do you have for the future?

– Now I am very interested in solo works, I record songs. Maybe I’ll write something myself, I have some experience. If God gives health and wellness, I will please the listeners more than once. There is a goal of recording an album of 12-15 songs, the material has already been written.

Are you planning to shoot a video? Or do you think it is not so important for artists today?

Yes, we will delight our listeners and viewers on a regular basis. I think it is very important for an artist not only to release songs, but also to pamper the audience with beautiful video stories. We are preparing for the premiere, we recently shot a video for the new song “I’m over the sky”.

– They say that on the set you need to overcome your main fear – aerophobia …

– Yes like that. We shot the clip in picturesque places near the Urals. In the director’s opinion, I had to make dangerous flights in an airplane, which was not easy for someone with aerophobia. Think about it, I had this fear and he is the main character of the clip. But we won and we truly believe our video will be loved by viewers. We made this achievement for them.

– What do you do in your spare time?

– I don’t have much free time. I basically meet up with friends, watch some movies and relax.

— I heard you like football and boxing. Do you play by yourself Which team do you support?

– I love football, but unfortunately I rarely manage to play it. Previously, 10-15 years ago, I went to shoot the ball every other day with my friends, now unfortunately this does not happen very often, there is no free time. I support Spartak Moscow both in football and hockey. It has always been my favorite team.

Singer Marat Chanyshev is known to Russian pop music lovers for his performances as part of the Prime Minister – in the 2000s, the team represented Russia at Eurovision and topped the charts. After the disbandment of the group, the artist started working solo and is now preparing his first video for release. In an interview with socialbites.ca, Chanyshev talked about solo projects, conflicts in the Prime Minister and overcoming aerophobia on the set of a new video work.

Source: Gazeta


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