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Iron Maiden conquers Barcelona as the king of metal


And 40 years later, Iron Maiden’s heavy metal reached the gates of the great temple, the Olympic Stadium, bringing together the biggest client in its history in Barcelona. more than 50,000 people by organization (by Privatea Sound). Metal may retain some of that ‘underground’ mood, which is a pariah of trend traffic, but ‘Girl’ as it is known around here in the secular is elevated. the widespread classic of the tours and the ‘blockbuster’, a strong appeal to an audience that hasn’t changed much male dominationCaptured by this ‘Legacy of the Monsters world tour’.

tide black t-shirts Occupy the ground and pay attention to the ancient ritual: fans already know, ‘Doctor doctor’, when the sounds are canned by the UFO, you have to hold your breath and prepare to receive it. Your Majesty. was there Steve Harris, Much more than the band’s bassist, ready to sing all the lines to himself, he supports the ‘Senjutsu’ theme that gives the last album its name, with its eight-minute tapping and fight chorus. Bruce Dickinsonmaking loud and abracadabra moves and fencing with the group’s mascot, Eddiedressed as a samurai. In the background is a kind of Japanese style Poble Espanyol with a temple and two tall pagodas.

greetings to the family

When this tour started in 2018, the script was panoramic, but the edition of ‘Senjutsu’ changed it by initially injecting three new songs all stuffed together: ‘Stratego’ and ‘Writing on the wall’ were in development. secular ‘maiden’ trot’ generously. acoustic promotion adrian smith Dickinson’s short “Hello Catalonia!” and some spooky laughter as a celebration. He then prolonged the conversation, sighing as he returned to Barcelona after all this. “Three crazy and shitty years” and greeting the ‘supporters’: “You are the Virgin family”.

Just because the band has released an anthology doesn’t mean that their concert was one of those concerts where almost all of their songs were released from their debut album. Iron Maiden is well aware of his work as a whole, and travels to an eighties piece like ‘Revelations’, as he travels to the mid-season song ‘Bloodbrothers’, relates to the 1999 reunion or combines several tracks. Back in the ’90s when the singer was BlazeBayley. The mystical ‘Signofthecross’ shines so high to warn godless spirits that Dickinson is wrapped in a cloak, a cross nailed to the scene. A progressive metal development open to liturgical choirs worthy of the monks of the monastery of Silos and solos by Smith, Dave Murray and Janick Gers.

afraid of the dark

At this point, the Japanese ‘scenes’ had long since disappeared and had taken their place. gothic cathedral stained glass windows curtain. Journeying deep into her soul with the old landmark ‘Flight of theicarus’ (the 1983 album ‘Pieceofmind’ is the most memorable with three songs as well as ‘Senjutsu’), a bird-man stepped on top and Dickinson became a walking flamethrower. Mythology is ‘crescendo’ with the totem ‘Fearofthedark’ from the moment Iron Maiden battled the grunge wave with a double dose of pomp and circumstance (in 1992), and from that moment on, an unbroken series of legendary numbers including the following. the call to the demonic 666 from ‘The numberofthebeast’ on the seminal ‘Iron Maiden’ track, the evil one enters the scene in the form of an ugly horned figure.

Iron Maiden pulled a montage that watered down without apology because of this. ‘gags’ with a view, grateful contributions when it comes to a stadium concert, but thick ammo was provided by the songs and encores included ‘The Trooper’ and ‘Run to the Hill’ and ‘Aces high’ with his speech. Churchill’s. Final fireworks from a concert with some awards for the band’s historic fans, When the ‘heavy’ are a dark city tribethey welcomed him at the old Palau d’Esports 40 years ago.

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