In Russia, the comedy “Unrealism” about the scandalous star of the TV show will be shown

According to the press service of the TV channel, on August 8, TNT will screen the comedy “Unreality”, about the adaptation of a TV show star to life outside the camera lens, with Olga Dibtseva in the lead role.

“For me, ‘unreal’ is about growing up, but not about age, not about passport, but about awareness in the world, about self, family, loved ones. I myself matured quite late, after 25 years I learned to take responsibility for my life and actions, ”admitted Dibtseva.

According to the plot, the heroine Rita Dibtseva spent 10 years under the guns of cameras and participated in a popular reality show. After the TV project, the girl returns to her hometown, but is not happy to see her relatives, ex-lover, neighbors and even her daughter Rita. He will have to learn to reconnect with people and forget about the communication methods that work as part of a reality show.

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Source: Gazeta


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