Alicante City Council to buy works of artists in the province for 60,000 euros for the second year

Ministry of Culture of Alicante will allocate 60 thousand euros for the second year in a row Purchase of works by artists from Alicantewhich will go be part of the city’s artistic heritage to recognize underrepresented generations or artists and thus contribute to telling the recent history of the visual arts in Alicante.

Following in the footsteps of an earlier proposal by Culture of the Generalitat, this initiative was launched last year. 248 proposals from around 150 artists from the provinceselected from among a dozen jobsWhich can now be seen in an exhibition set up in the Lonja de Alicante town hall.

Mayor of Culture Anthony ManresaAfter the initial acquisition in 2021, he “showed his confidence that there will be many Alicante artists to submit their proposals in 2022. It is an opportunity to show your work to a very large audience.and for his work to become part of a collection as important as the municipality”.

Works will be purchased from contemporary art galleries and artistsExceptionally and for consensual reasons, the committee may consider proposals from another source. Acquired creations must meet the following requirements: Works produced by an artist (or group of artists) living or dead, born and/or residing in the province of Alicante He has a professional career connected to the city. Also, any gallery or artist can make a presentation. up to 3 offers win. There may be 3 works that need to be offered with a single set price or there may be groups of works to be evaluated in this way. Artists cannot present works individually and through their galleries at the same time. The theme, discipline and production technique of the works will be free choice.. Works should be produced at the time of proposal, not at the draft or project stage.

Current exhibition in Lonja de Alicante with ten works purchased in 2021 RAFA ARJONES

Alicante City Council reserves the right not to consider works that may pose assembly or durability difficulties.

Complete information and required documents are available at:

The Ministry of Culture will invest a maximum of 60,000 euros, keeping the right not to exhaust the budget in case the selection of works is abandoned completely or partially.

The Municipal Council can purchase a maximum of one work from each artist/gallery owner, provided that they are not from the artists whose works have been purchased within the last 3 years. Selected works will be received after formalization of the relevant contract and will be paid upon receipt of the work and presentation of the invoice.

top ten works

It was on last year’s call 248 offers from 150 artists ten of them were selected for a quantity 62.300 €. Artifacts that have become part of the local heritage include: lightning in a boxof the Aurelio Ayela; Orange Sonata; blue movementof the Miguel Banuls; magic screenof the Ana Esteve Reig; discourse of uncertainty, Daniel G. Andujar; The vitality of Medusa’s hairof the Susana Guerrero; Collection of silences Iof the Aurelia Massanet; The infinite language of the grid, the Poetics of Contradiction, the archeology of metaphor, and the infinite displacement of the Object -all in the series deconstruction on paperof louis shepherd; pharaohof the orgy.; Y Children’s Corner, of the Jesus Zuazo.

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