Netflix to make a fiction series about ‘city guard crime’

In May 2017, a charred body was found inside a car on a nearby rural road. swamp of the fox. Forensics determined the body was that of Barcelona City Guard agent Pedro R., and the murder investigation brought to light a web of toxic relationships, infidelity, sexual scandals and violence.

Also agents of the body Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez They were sentenced to 25 and 20 years in prison, respectively, for the case, popularly known as the sharia case. ‘City Guards’ Crime’.

The series before the Santi Millán trial

Netflix will rely on these facts to develop a new fiction mini-series written by Laura Sarmientoone of the successful creators ‘Privacy’. In his previous work, the screenwriter was inspired by real cases (such as the suicide of the forklift operator at the Iveco factory and the sexual scandal of Olvido Hormigos) in a series that covered a theme (the disclosure of sexual videos without consent). It was before the scandal that images of Santi Millán were leaked.

The new psychological ‘thriller’ will be directed by the director. Jorge Torregrossa (‘Fariña’, ‘Intimidad’), who also serves as executive producer and Laura Mana (‘A boyfriend for my wife’).

This new project is Arcadia Motion Pictures He will be producing for Netflix, has no definitive title yet, and will begin filming soon.

Source: Informacion


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