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He found out about Shatunov’s debts to the tax service


The tax service issued an invoice for the payment of a debt of 77.7 thousand rubles to the deceased singer Yuri Shatunov, reports kp.ru.

According to media reports, the musician was charged with penalties for income taxes and late payments, as well as penalties for unpaid property tax in Moscow, where Shatunov was charged back in 2018. Lawyer Mikhail Alekseev warned that the debts of the ex-soloist of Tender May will be inherited by his closest relatives.

“Any notary public, when inheriting an inheritance, informs the heirs that they are not only responsible for receiving some property, but also for the debts of the deceased. The process of inheriting may take many years due to disputes and courts, and all this time the debt remains suspended. The one who took the property must extinguish it, ”explained Alekseev.

Previously director Shatunov denied rumors of raising money for the musician’s family.

Source: Gazeta



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