An Aragonese in the Marvel Universe

“With great power comes great responsibility.” This iconic phrase has been part of the Marvel Universe with the Spiderman saga since the 60s of the last century, and this motto applies to Aragonese as well. Pablo Ibanez. East The 22-year-old young visual effects composer became part of the working team of the blockbuster ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.He was responsible for chroma key integrations, different 3D effects, and realization of the villain’s (Christian Bale) powers, among other tasks.

Ibáñez considers himself lucky to work in the world of visual effects, which he has been passionate about since his youth. immortal marvel fanWhile he doesn’t forget other movie epics like Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings, he remembers devouring comics as a kid. “Now a sequence of this latest film is being shot in New Zealand. I would love to be a part of it to learn from the work of one of the best Spanish directors currently, Juan Antonio Bayona,” he says.

Ibanez He began studying at the Salduie Vocational Training Center in Zaragoza and then moved to Madrid Simultaneously study advanced specialization in visual effects (cinema, television and advertising) and a professional master’s degree in digital composition of visual effects. The latter, taught by Adrián Pueyo, was an incentive for Ibáñez’s future. “I knew him personally, he’s a reference point in the industry, and I followed his work more closely than in an interview he was talking about now. Jungle Book Y Pirates of the Caribbean. I learned a lot in the technical area and nurtured myself and was able to perform better in visual effects,” he explains.

“The truth is, it was crazy to combine classes with nonstop morning and night shifts. Once I finished the basics, I got the job. Entropy StudiosA studio in Zaragoza where I could attend my first TV series and movies. ‘Open seas’ (Netflix), ’30 Monedas’ (HBO), ‘El Asfalto’ (Prime Video), or ‘García y García’, among other productions,” says Ibáñez.

Young man from Zaragoza currently working in Ireland at international company SSVFX. To get there, he had to cultivate self-taught before finishing his foundational studies, as his passion was not accidental. “When I was 9 or 10, I could shoot videos for the classroom, edit with Movie Maker, and create small montages. I started my channel in 2010 YouTube. I started shooting my first videos with my family’s camera and editing small pieces to share with my friends. At this point, trips (recorded and edited) and movie productorfor which it evolved After Effectslike transition or assembly, among others,” he explains.

start in Zaragoza

During his early years in the Aragonese capital, Ibáñez campaigned for the Zaragoza Fire Department and other brands, but soon decided to take it one step further. His arrival in Ireland opened up a world of possibilities. and gradually fed and learned from other major audio-visual productions. Previously, the man from Zaragoza, Ms. It’s an evolution evident in his work in Thor’s fourth installment, though he’s built a cache for himself in productions like Marvel (Disney+).

“As a visual effects composer, job encompasses many tasks, aspect matchmaking, chroma station (blues and greens), FGI, 3D as well as wire erase and combining work of other 3D parts (texturing, animation, lighting) or simulation (smoke work, explosions, …) for compositing and shooting, whether in film or not finish it as realistically as possible so that it can be projected on the television and seen on the screen”. However, Ibáñez explains that the work “differs by production.” There are many companies and artists behind all the final work.”

After all the struggle in the shadows, the young man from Zaragoza Seeing your name in the end credits is a big illusion. “A youthful dream achievement. I went to the movies to see ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ with my friends, and when I finally saw the credits, I was so excited and reminded me of my childhood. I couldn’t be happier. It’s true. It’s a big time for me to continue to grow as a visual effects editor and composer. I also had fun with my mainstay partner”, concludes Ibáñez

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