A journey in the imagination of Leonardo da Vinci

creativity Leonardo da Vinci it was endless. His intellectual restlessness, driven by great curiosity and observance of everything that surrounded him, was evident. one of the greatest minds of all times. What he proposes is a journey in this thought to understand how he reasoned, how he reflected, and how he grasped progress in science. Leonardo da Vinci. watch. Question. ExperimentInformative exhibition proposed this year by the Fundación la Caixa in Playa de San Juan.

This is the second exhibition of the Italian genius who came to Alicante this summer, coinciding with what can be seen in the exhibition hall of the Provincial Palace. If this offers reproductions of some of their most outstanding machines, this morning the La Caixa Foundation and Alicante Town Hall, It aims to bring Da Vinci’s dream closer with new technologies, which can be seen until 30 August.

One of the interactive games in the exhibition. Alex Dominguez

“The exhibition wants to connect everyday life with this working methodology through interactive, analog and digital games where you can research and find ways to solve problems,” he says. Erika Goyarrolacurator of the exhibition multidisciplinary team has been working for two and a half years in cooperation with turn off Luce, where the genius lived and now Leonardo da Vinci Park, a center of reference in your figure.

The sample is inside the enclosure. seven interactive games That Leonardo’s achievements can be understood and explored. “It’s about getting into your mind, which is one of the greatest things ever,” he says, “to get out. think like him making the analogies I use to move forward.

Thus, he learns to associate elements that are not in sight; Based on the artist’s four female portraits, the ability to observe is trained to understand the importance of touch for knowing, or the concepts of light and shadow, which are one of the features of his works, are investigated.

Other the game is played as a team and shows some mechanisms designed by Da Vinci. The aim is to reinforce the idea of ​​cooperation in which science and technology advance. It also challenges observation and visual retention from his works.

The sample is finished outside. four full-scale models, Iron plated with fiberglass, made from original drawings by da Vinci but with contemporary materials. “He wrote absolutely everything and we kept 6,000 pages with his writings and sketches,” the curator says.

Vitruvian Man Model. Alex Dominguez

Mockups from here air screwA theoretical discovery of the Archimedean screw; most Vitruvian Mana graphic representation of the architectural and geometric perfection of the human body; a machine flight inspired by the flight of birds and rowing boatThe predecessor of the Mississippi steamers.

Agreement with the City Council

The La Caixa Foundation will sign an agreement. cooperation agreement with the Alicante City Council for the implementation of the program in the city Caixa Proinfancia, who is attending Child poverty aged 0-18 comprehensively.

much has been announced Lourdes ToribioFundación la Caixa’s regional delegate in the Community of Valencia attended the presentation of the exhibition together with the Member of the Cultural Council, Anthony Manresa and CaixaBank Business Area manager, Jose Antonio Sendra.

This program, which 100 thousand euros will be allocatedIt will provide educational empowerment, psychological support and assistance with hygiene and food care issues to 50 families in the Northern Territory.

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