The star of the movie “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” explained why she does not complain about her low pension 14:05

The actress admitted in a conversation with Raisa Ryazanova aif.ruHe does not complain about the size of his pension.

Ryazanova admitted that she receives 18 thousand rubles a month from the state. According to the artist, you can’t live on such funds, but this does not bother her. The actress explained that she is used to living poorly.

“I never lived richly. I cut an apple into several pieces and gave one piece to my son,” said the artist.

Ryazanova stated that due to her low pension, she continues to work, attends festivals and plays in enterprises.

“My favorites are “An Unmarried Woman” and “Love and Doves.” I have wonderful partners there, all national and honorable: Yurka Chernov, Marina Yakovleva, Olya Prokofieva. It’s a pleasure to go on stage with them,” the artist shared.

Raisa Ryazanova gained the greatest fame after filming in Vladimir Menshov’s melodrama “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears.”

Ryazanova’s filmography includes more than 200 roles. She starred in such projects as “Eye of God”, “White Bim Black Ear”, “Young Peasant Lady”, “Hunter”, “And I Still Love …”, “Provincial Detective”, “Bugs. Soldiers”, “Don’t Be Born Beautiful”.

Previously The presenter of “ABVGDeyki” revealed the size of his pension.

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Source: Gazeta


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