Nyusha said “life hack” for weight loss and health 10:39

Singer Nyusha confessed in a conversation “Channel Five”Believing that it is important to integrate sports education into people’s lives, Dr.

Nyusha admitted that sports can be individual for everyone. For example, she prefers dancing to running. Among the “life hacks” on how to keep your body in shape, the artist named discipline and desire. The singer also emphasized the importance of a person’s relationship with the body. According to her, people should first of all worry about health, and over time, a slim and fit body will come.

“Ah, the trick of life… It seems to me that everything is so clear, transparent – it’s a certain discipline. But the main thing, of course, is intention and desire. If a person wants to feel good, if he wants to look good, he needs to take time for himself,” the artist shared.

On May 7, Nyusha announced her separation from businessman Igor Sivov. The artist also assured that excellent relations and mutual understanding remain between them.

Nyusha and Sivov have been married since 2017. From their union were born a daughter, Seraphim-Simba, and a son, Saffron.

Previously The cost of Nyusha’s performances after the divorce became known.

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Source: Gazeta


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