Prigozhin sided with Meladze, who wanted to return to Russia 18:05

Support was provided during a meeting with producer Joseph Prigozhin to his colleague Valery Meladze because of his desire to return to Russia.

According to Prigozhin, Meladze will build large stadiums if he is allowed to work in Russia. The producer is sure that it is wrong to judge people who want to return home. As the husband of singer Valeria said, everyone should have a chance.

“The main thing is not to get lost, not to get lost, not to become a victim of scoundrels. We are not all sinless. We are all hostages of this problem, we all find ourselves in it,” said the producer.

Prigozhin added that Meladze’s work is purely spiritual in nature and is loved in Russian society. He explained that the singer has been making a career in Russia all his life.

“He’s a Georgian who grew up in Ukraine, so what should he do now? I don’t want to be anyone’s judge. If he flies to Russia and is allowed to come home, no one can stop him from doing it. I don’t know what his plans are, but in Russia they love him and they’re waiting for him,” Prigozhin shared.

July 10 was surrounded by Meladze stated In a conversation with the Mash Telegram channel, the artist promised to return to Russia.

Previously Meladze donated money for Otar Kushanashvili’s treatment.

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Source: Gazeta


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